Make 2023 your best year EVER by aligning your life with the cosmos. In this episode, you can discover how to plan your year, months, weeks & days with astrology.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • My favourite tool for planning my life with the cosmos
  • How to manifest short-term & long-term goals
  • Tips to planning your daily life with astrology


Plan your long-term goals

I find it sooo helpful for planning out my long-term goals, and then breaking them down into shorter goals. This helps to reduce overwhelm, while helping you manifest those big goals in your life.

One method I use for figuring out which long-term goals to focus on each year is by finding where Jupiter is transiting my natal chart.

If you don’t already have a natal chart, you can pull up a FREE chart at, or feel free to book in a reading and I can walk you through this process.

For 2023, Jupiter will be moving through Aries & Taurus, so find where Aries & Taurus are on your chart. You’ll want to find which house(s) Jupiter will be transiting.

1st House: identity & appearance

2nd House: finances & goals

3rd House: communications & social life

4th House: family & home

5th House: creativity & play

6th House: daily routines & work

7th House: relationships & support

8th House: business & making money

9th House: study & travel

10th House: career & legacy

11th House: community & friendships

12th House: rest & self-care


Plan your monthly goals

Each month, I’ll set my goals in alignment with the zodiac sign that the sun is moving through (ie. January = Capricorn), and finding which house the sun will be transiting on my natal chart.

For example, at the start of the year as the sun moves through Capricorn, the sun is moving through my 2nd & 3rd Houses on my natal chart, so during this time I focus on my goals to do with setting goals & marketing.

It can be handy to check in with this process at the start of each month so you can find which energies are naturally going to be coming up in your life during that month.


Plan your daily goals

For planning my daily goals, I’ll check in with the moon.

Check in with the:

  • Moon phase
  • Zodiac sign the moon is in
  • Void-of-course moon times

For more info about the void-of-course moon, be sure to check out this episode, because this is actually really important!

The moon rules our emotions & feelings, so tracking where the moon is on a daily basis can help you tune into your cycles, energy, and what energies are naturally coming up for you. You can also check in with what house the moon is transiting on your natal chart each day to understand which area of your life is naturally coming into focus.


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Comment and let me know: what area of your life is coming into focus in 2023? Which of these cosmic planning tips do you already use?