Do you want to learn more about your natal chart and how to use its energy to optimize your life? Wondering what on earth a Stellium is? In this post I walk you through what stelliums are and how to work with this energy to manifest your goals. 
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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:
  • What exactly a Stellium is
  • What your Stellium means depending on where it is on your natal chart
  • How to work with that energy
  Once I discovered Stelliums and learned how to work with them effectively, it truly changed the way I work with natal charts. A Stellium not only provides insight into who you are but gives you guidance on what to focus on in your life.

What is a Stellium?

A Stellium is a group of 3 or more planets in a specific house and zodiac sign on our natal chart. The grouping of planets needs to be in both the same house and the same zodiac sign or the energy will be split between different houses/signs. Also, it must be a grouping of 3 planets and generally does not include asteroids, the Sun, or the Moon. Take a look and see if you have a Stellium on your chart! You can enter your birth details at to get a free chart, or book a reading with me where I can guide you through exactly what your chart means. I have a Stellium in my 2nd house in Capricorn with Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus. I am a Gemini Sun, Scorpio rising, and Libra Moon… yet I’ve always really resonated with the energy of earth sign Virgo. I am very organized, and I love things like lists, goals, and efficiency. When I found out about my Capricorn Stellium in my 2nd house it made so much sense! There is a lot of grounding earth energy in this Stellium which helps to balance out my Air sign Sun and Moon. I see it show up in many of my traits and it is proving to be one of the most important features of my natal chart.

What your Stellium means

Your Stellium is like your superpower! Regardless of the planets involved and what ways the energy is expressed, this collection of energy is very concentrated on your chart and in your life. Find which house your stellium is in to discover what it means about you:
  •       1st House – energy is focused on the self: putting yourself first, acting as your authentic self
  •       2nd House – energy is focused on money and finances: going after the things you want, manifesting your goals
  •       3rd House – energy is focused on connecting with others: social butterfly, storyteller, communicator
  •       4th House – energy is focused on home and family life: strong connection to parents/foundations, creating security emotionally and/or financially
  •       5th House – energy is focused on creative expression and/or children in your life
  •       6th House – energy is focused on health and healing: creating and maintaining day-to-day work/organization/rituals/routines
  •       7th House – energy focused on relationships: taking a supportive role, being a good listener
  •       8th House – energy focused on business or exploring the shadows: making money, psychology, detective work
  •       9th House – energy focused on educating: helping others find new perspectives, may have a philosophical approach to life
  •       10th House – energy focused on career/being noticed: publicity, not afraid/naturally in the spotlight
  •       11th House – energy focused on community: putting others first, involved in community/charity work, volunteering
  •       12th House – energy focused on maintaining mental health: self-care, taking a break when needed, setting boundaries

How to work with your Stellium

Whenever the Moon falls in the same sign as your Stellium, it is a great time to work with that energy. In general, as the Moon moves through your natal chart and shines its light on each of your natal planets, the energy of that planet will be illuminated making it a fabulous time to harness the respective energy. It takes about 28 days for the moon to move thorough all 12 signs – spending approximately 2.5 days in each sign. For example: If you have a Stellium in the 12th house, it would be a great time to rest over the 2.5 days the Moon is in the same sign on your natal chart. Plan accordingly to really harness your superpower! Find out when the moon is in your Stellium sign by downloading my FREE Moon Manifesting Calendar here. Another way to work with your Stellium is to work in combination with the Sun. The Sun moves about 1 degree per day. So, there could be a week or two where it is really igniting your Stellium, similar to the way the moon ignites the energy in your chart as it moves around the zodiac.  
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Comment and let me know: what house/zodiac sign is your stellium in? What do you feel that means about you?