This simple daily practice changed my life in uenxpected ways. Here’s what I’ve learnt from tracking the moon cycle every day for over 5 years…
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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:
  • What I learnt from +3 years of tracking the moon everyday
  • How you can track the moon to improve your life
  • A free resource I use to track the moon!

How to track the moon

There are a few things I check about the moon everyday to help me understand the energy of the moon for the day. 1. Moon phase 2. Zodiac sign 3. Void-of-course The moon phase (ie. new moon, waxing crescent, etc) is important because it helps us understand the energy of the moon right now. Is the energy growing, or slowing? The phase tells you this. The zodiac sign that the moon is in helps us understand the flavour of the energy. A new moon in Pisces is very different to a new moon in Aries! So tuning into the zodiac energy can help you understand how to use that energy in your life today. Finally, the void-of-course moon is something that I also check. The moon goes void-of-course roughly every 2-3 days, ranging from a few minutes to +24 hours. When the moon is void-of-course, I schedule this time off work. I talk way more about the void-of-course moon in Episode 33, and this episode with guest Sasha Andersson also explains more about using the void-of-course moon.  

Awareness of cycles

Probably one of the most interesting things that I have learnt from tracking the moon everyday is becoming more aware of my own cycles. The moon cycle often aligns with other cycles in our lives, such as our menstrual cycle, energy cycle, or tracking physical symptoms. This has helped me find more balance in my life, as I can plan accordingly for those times when I know that my energy will be low or I’ll be menstruating, and take times off. I have suffered from headaches for a number of years, and tracking my headaches along with the moon cycle has also helped me become more aware of when I’m more prone to getting these headaches. I’ve noticed I tend to get headaches more often around the full moon! So tracking the moon alongside any physical symptoms you have can be a helpful tool. I actually use this tool with my clients when I was practicing as a medical herbalist. I would encourage my clients to track their symptoms, and I would compare this to the moon cycle. Often symptoms would flare up around the full moon!  

Syncing with the lunar energy

Something else that was really interesting to discover while tracking the moon on a daily basis is how we naturally tend to sync with the lunar energies, whether we’re aware of the lunar phase or not. I’ve been making this free moon calendar for about 3 years now which includes little daily prompts to align your energy with the moon, but I honestly don’t always look at it these days. Some evenings I’ll check in to see what the prompt was, and I’ll realise that I naturally followed the prompt anyway. And it’s not just me! I’ve heard from many others who have done the exact same thing. I remember one time, the moon was in Aquarius so the prompt was all about donating something. I received a message from a friend who hadn’t looked at the calendar for the daily prompt, and she donated a bunch of clothes to a thrift store. Later she checked in on the moon calendar and was so surprised to see how she aligned with the lunar energies naturally! It’s been really interesting to observe how we naturally sync with these energies.  

Consistency with new and full moon rituals

Tracking the moon on a daily basis has helped me be consistent with my new & full moon rituals. When I first started doing new moon rituals many years ago, sometimes I would miss the new/full moon because I just wasn’t tracking the moon cycle every day. Now that I’m more in tune with the lunar cycle, I never miss a new or full moon! This is so important to me, because it helps me stay consistent with my intention setting & goal setting, and it reminds me to release stuff on the full moon too.  

Boosting productivity

Probably one of the best things I’ve learnt from tracking the moon everyday is being able to know in advance when a day is going to turn to sh*t. There’s been many days when I’ve looked at the moon energy for the day ahead and thought “Oh no, today’s not going to go to plan”. I used to hold my tongue and just push through the day, not letting the lunar energy stop me, but I’d always regret it later. Now I just know to trust those intuitive nudges so I can plan my days accordingly when the energy is unfavourable.  

Understanding my own chart

As the moon moves through the zodiac, it will move through your entire natal chart and fire off the energy of your natal planets. So if you have planets in Capricorn, then when the moon moves through Capricorn it will ignite the energy of those planets. When the moon moves through your sun sign, then these days are your Power Days, the energy can be very favourable. Being aware of your natal chart, and tracking the moon through your natal chart can really help you understand your chart & yourself. You can FEEL into it, rather than just thinking “Oh the moon is in Aries, I must be feeling energized today”. I hope this inspires you to start tracking the moon on a daily basis! Don’t forget to download my FREE Moon Manifesting Calendar so you can easily track the moon & align your energy with the lunar cycle.
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Comment and let me know: do you track the moon everyday? What have you learnt from tracking the moon?