Wondering how to harness the magic of Scorpio season? Nervous for Mars retrograde? In this post I unravel the secrets of Scorpio season and explain how to use the moon to manifest your goals this time of year.
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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:
  • How to manifest your goals during Scorpio season
  • How to harness the energy of Mars retrograde
  • How to work with the solar eclipse in Scorpio and the lunar eclipse in Taurus
  This upcoming Scorpio season 2022 we will experience not one, but TWO eclipses! The cosmos is aligning to create a wonderful energy for manifesting money, business growth, and facing our fears. 

What is Scorpio Season?

In astrology, the sun is all about our awareness and focus. The sun moves through the zodiac as the year passes and spends approximately 4 weeks in each sign. As it moves through the signs, we naturally focus on the energy of that particular sign as a collective.  Scorpio season starts around the 23rd October, give or take a day depending on where you are in the world. During Scorpio season, we are naturally focused on:
  • facing our fears
  • unraveling mysteries
  • making more money
  • upgrading our businesses. 
A lot of mysterious vibes can come up during this season, so it is fitting that both Halloween and Samhain (in the Northern hemisphere) occur at this time. It is natural to feel drawn to the role of detective and focus on the ‘why’ of things. 

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio

A few days after Scorpio season begins, the new moon & solar eclipse in Scorpio will occur at 2 degrees Scorpio. The eclipse will be visible in Europe, India, and the UK.  I recommend taking a look at your natal chart to see what house this eclipse falls in. The houses in astrology explain the different areas of your life and where that energy will show up for you.  Here’s what the houses mean:
  • 1st House: identity, appearance, branding
  • 2nd House: finances, manifesting goals
  • 3rd House: communication, connecting with others
  • 4th House: family, home & personal life
  • 5th House: creativity, fun & passions
  • 6th House: health, daily routines
  • 7th House: relationships & support
  • 8th House: making money, shadow work
  • 9th House: education & travel
  • 10th House: career & legacy
  • 11th House: community & friendships
  • 12th House: rest & relaxation
Check to see if there are any planets around 10 degrees of this new moon/eclipse. These planets are likely to be effected by the energy of this new moon.  During the eclipse, the Sun, Moon, and Venus will be very, very close together. This combined energy will bring up new beginnings around money and the things we desire most. This is a fabulous time to set an intention to manifest around your goals financially and for the things you most desire in your life.  Be really mindful and specific when setting your intentions. You can go about setting your intentions in whatever way feels best for you – whether it’s having a cacao ceremony, journaling, mediating, or any other practice! 

Mars Retrograde 

A few days after the new moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio, Mars enters retrograde on October 30th and stays there until January 13th. This only occurs once every 2 years! This can be a difficult time for many, especially those who are Scorpio or Aries Suns since these signs are ruled by Mars.  Mars retrograde can heavily affect your drive, passion, and energy. During this time it is important to slow down, take a step back, and don’t rush into anything. You are at risk of burning out if you throw too much energy into something with the potential of not getting anything in return. Don’t try to manifest too much at this time! Pick one thing and focus your energy appropriately.  Mars will be retrograde in the sign of Gemini, affecting communication and your social life. If you are a business owner, this could effect your social media and marketing. Check out where Mars goes retrograde and where Gemini falls on your natal chart to understand where and how this energy will show up most for you. 

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius 

We come to the first quarter moon in Aquarius on the 1st of November. As the next step in the moon manifesting process, it is now time to look at the intentions you set on the new moon and start taking action steps toward achieving them. Aquarius energy is all about thinking outside of the box, being innovative, and finding new ways to do things. How can you take action by doing something new or unexpected rather than following the old rules and traditions? 

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

The last eclipse of the year will fall at 16 degrees Taurus. This full moon will be conjunct with Uranus, which is the planet of surprises. Don’t be too surprised if things manifest rapidly and out of nowhere during this lunar eclipse! Take a look on your natal chart to see what house this eclipse falls in and what planets fall within about 10 degrees either side of the moon.  Scorpio and Taurus are on opposing sides of the zodiac wheel, so this full moon & eclipse is about balancing out that Scorpio energy. This eclipse energy is all about getting out of your own way so you can manifest what you want. It is a good time to do some shadow work to unblock your subconscious and release physical clutter out of your life to make physical and energetic room for the new energy you are bringing in.

Last Quarter Moon in Leo 

The last quarter moon is all about reviewing, reflecting, and assessing how well you’ve manifested your goals over the last moon cycle. This is a good time to check in with the goals you set on the new moon and really analyze what went well and what you could change in the next moon cycle.  With the energy of Leo, you may feel more confident and optimistic about your progress. Harness this energy to move forward with your goals in a positive mindset!  Scorpio season ends around the 22nd of November, when the Sun moves into Sagittarius. Check back for a comprehensive breakdown of Sagittarius season, much like this one!
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Comment and let me know: what’s coming up for you in Scorpio season? Do you have any natal planets in Scorpio, or any natal planets that will be affected by the eclipses?