A casual episode where I chat about what’s happening in my life as the sun transits my 12th house, including why I’m taking a social media break, and some updates in my life & biz.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why I’ve been taking a social media break (and why you should too!)
  • How to find the best time of the year to rest, take a holiday & slow down
  • What I’m loving at the moment
  • What I’ve been up to in my life, including tarot deck update!

Moon manifesting tarot preview blog post

The sun has been moving through my 12th house since 7th October, so I’ve been feeling a strong call to slow down.

Take things OFF my plate.


Reconnect to my deeper purpose…

It’s been interesting to observe what I’ve naturally been drawn to during my 12th house season. More yoga & meditation, more stillness. Spending hours each day reading. Taking time away from social media.

It’s been AMAZING!

So before I tell you about all the amazing things I’ve been doing lately, let’s start by finding out when the best time of the year is for YOU to take a break too.

You’ll want to have your natal chart handy (or get a free one at astro.com) and find the degree that your 12th house begins, and the degree of your ascendant/rising sign (which is where your 12th house ends).

In the example above, you can see that the 12th house begins at approximately 14 degrees Libra, and ends 25 degrees Scorpio.

The next step: find out which dates the Sun will enter & leave the 12th house

So you’ll want to find those degrees on an ephemeris! I love using this ephemeris at astro-seek.com.

And if all of this is way over your head and you’ve got no idea how to find your 12th house season, I’m available for astrology readings (and this is one of my favourite things to do in a reading!). Click here to book an astrology reading.


What to do during your 12th house season

When the sun is moving through your 12th house, this is the best time of year for:

  • Slowing down
  • Taking time off work
  • Going on holiday
  • Going on a retreat
  • Having a social media break
  • Reconnecting with your deeper purpose
  • Looking after your mental health
  • Focusing on self-care practices
  • Lots of meditation & quiet reflection

So, here’s what I’ve been up to during my 12th house season!

Moon painting | Kyra Howearth

I’ve been painting! This was a quick acrylic painting, experimenting with some different techniques. It’s been fun to try out oil painting lately too!

I’ve also been listening to lots of music, rediscovering music I used to love. I discovered one of my favourite bands from my teenage years, Alexisonfire, has reformed after breaking up! So I’ve been binge listening to them a lot. If you’re into 00’s screamo/postcore music, definitely check out Alexisonfire ?

I’ve had more time on my hands so I finally finished my tarot deck (check out the images at the top of this post!) and now it’s off to the printers! The Moon Manifesting Tarot is a 82-card tarot deck which aligns the tarot with the moon phases & zodiac signs. It’s pretty genius, if I do say so myself, haha.

Stay tuned for an update soooooon with details about pre-orders for the Moon Manifesting Tarot ?

One of the perfect things to do during your 12th house season is go on a retreat, and that’s exactly what I’m doing! I’ll be at the Spiritual Homemakers Retreat from 4th – 6th November 2022 in the beautiful Flinder’s Ranges area in South Australia. I’ll be there as both a participant AND I’ll be teaching our morning yoga sessions + facilitating a moosntruation workshop. I’m literally so excited for this retreat! Interested in coming along too? There’s still a few spots available – get all the details here.

Social media break

One of the things that’s making the biggest impact on my life during my 12th house season is having a social media break.

Truthfully I’ve been disenchanted with social media for a long time. If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about this before ?

So when my 12th house season was coming up, I immediately knew I wanted to use this opportunity to step back from social media.


It’s freed up soooo much mental bandwidth, saved so much of my precious time, and I’m feeling so much clearer in my mind.

I deleted Facebook off my phone & blocked it from my internet browser.

I’ve already got notifications off for Messenger, but I’m still checking it daily as I use it as a communication tool with friends, family & groups I’m part of.

I’ve been off Instagram most of the time, popping in once every few days to reply to DMs, but that’s it.

I had a few posts scheduled for my time away from social media, but that’s it. And it’s felt so liberating to free myself from this “obligation” of showing up on social media every day. Stressing about making yet another reel, or wondering “what do I post on social media today?”.

Something that really helped me feel confident about taking time away from social media, especially as a business owner, is taking the Marketing Without Social Media course by Leonie Dawson. I took this course earlier this year and it really opened my eyes to the THOUSANDS of different marketing methods you can use apart from social media.

I feel like modern business owners often get trapped into thinking they HAVE to be on social media to sell their products. 

I also feel that social media is the biggest timewaster when it comes to marketing your business!

You can market your business so much more effectively & efficiently through other methods.

I paid about $100 for the Marketing Without Social Media course, but now Leonie has just opened her Brilliant Biz & Life Academy where you can access this course AND all her other courses, including Work Less Earn More, Sales Star, Money Manifesting & Multiple Income Streams, and more for ONLY $99 per year ?

This is an incredible deal – there is SO MUCH value inside Leonie’s Academy!

Click here to join the Brilliant Biz & Life Academy with Leonie Dawson. *affiliate link, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase. Thank you for your support!

Thanks for reading my blog post today! I hope this casual episode/post was helpful for you, and perhaps it inspired you to take a break from social media or go on a retreat. Let me know if you found your 12th house season dates – feel free to comment below, or chat to me on social media (it may take me a few days to reply to your DMs though haha ?).

Kyra xx


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Comment and let me know: when does your 12th house season start & end? Have you been feeling called to take a social media break too?