Whether you’ve bought the 2023 Moon Manifesting Planner (or maybe you just want a sneak peek inside ?) this episode guides you through all of the different sections, including the year ahead ritual, monthly planning, moon journal prompts & tarot spreads, and how to use this planner on a daily basis to manifest your goals.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • Inspiration for using the 2023 Moon Manifesting Planner
  • A sneak peek inside this planner
  • Year-ahead & month-ahead planning rituals

How to use the 2023 Moon Manifesting Planner

The 2023 Moon Manifesting Planner can be used in a variety of different ways, and there’s so much included! So let’s dive into how to use each section of this lunar-inspired planner.

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The second page of the planner contains a section to write your name. Go ahead and write your name in your planner! Take ownership of your planner and commit to using it for the year ahead.

You’ll find a word of welcome with suggestions for how you can use the 2023 Moon Manifesting Planner. There’s no right or wrong way to use this planner! Whether you use it to organize your daily life, or just as a place to keep your new & full moon rituals, the choice is yours.

In the first section of the planner there are some reference pages. These pages include zodiac correspondences, astrology reference pages, moon phase information, void-of-course moon times.

2023 Moon Manifesting Planner

Year Ahead Ritual

The next section is the Year Ahead Ritual, which helps you set your goals & intentions for 2023.

I actually created a whole episode/blog post about this year ahead ritual – click here to find out more.

Inside the Year Ahead Ritual you’ll find:

  • Goal setting & intention setting
  • Year ahead planning month-by-month
  • Year ahead tarot spread
  • Space for a vision board
  • Word of the year & affirmation of the year
  • Space to draw/paste your natal chart
  • Year ahead ritual instructions

It can be fun to do these pages during the beginning of the year to give you clarity on what you want to manifest, but you are free to work through the year ahead ritual whenever you life.

Month Ahead Ritual 

Each month contains a few pages to help you plan the month ahead!

The first monthly page contains a blurb about the astro energy, details of the new/full moon for the month, astrological transits for the month ahead, and monthly goal setting.

Setting monthly goals has been a gamechanger for manifesting longer term goals! Each month it’s so helpful to check in with your yearly goals, and set monthly goals in alignment with those bigger goals.

You can then break those monthly goals into weekly goals and schedule those in your planner too.

This is the process I use to manifest my goals! Regular goal setting (and checking in with your goals) is super powerful.

The following pages in the month ahead section are for you to choose a herb/essential oil and crystal for the month. Think of these as your magickal allies to connect with during the month ahead! There’s space to draw/paste a photo, write down some ways you’ll connect with that tool, and physical/spiritual healing properties.

It’s totally up to you how you use these pages. Take what vibes with you, and leave what doesn’t! 

You’ll also find a handy moon calendar for the month ahead. I actually use this section for planning out my social media & podcast schedule for the month ahead! You could use this calendar to record appointments, holidays, kids activities, your daily tarot card, or anything else!

Full and New Moon Rituals 

Each monthly section contains pages for the new and full moon for the month ahead. There are journal questions & a card spread for you to use with your tarot or oracle cards, specific to the energies of that particular moon. 

Your planner can become a safe space to keep your new moon intentions so you can reflect back later in the year! 

2023 Moon Manifesting Planner

Weekly Pages 

The weekly pages contain space for using the planner on a daily basis. There’s a number of features here for daily use: 

  • Week ahead goal setting.
  • Menstrual tracking. There’s a little droplet on each day where you can record whether you’re menstruating/ovulating. 
  • Tarot card. There’s a little box on each page to record your daily tarot card.
  • Astrological transits.
  • Void-of-course moon times.
  • Moon phase & zodiac sign.

 You can use this planner on a daily basis to simply record your daily tarot cards, or your daily gratitudes/reflections, or as a daily to-do list. You can record your appointments, obligations, or anything else so you don’t forget!

And of course, use this planner to plan your life in alignment with the moon. When scheduling appointments or planning your life, you can use your planner to ensure the cosmic energy is aligned with your plans.


Month end ritual

At the end of each month, there’s a page for reflection. You can record what you manifested, what you’re grateful for, what to change for next month, and what you want to release.


Year end ritual

And finally, there are a few pages specifically designed to help you release the year that’s been. You can use these pages to record memories from the past year, and there are some journal questions for you to contemplate, as well as some ritual ideas to help you release the past year.


And finally, a little bonus! At the very end of the planner you’ll find some bookmarks that you can cut out & laminate to use throughout your planner.


Click the image below to download the colour version of the bookmarks.

However you choose to use the 2023 Moon Manifesting Planner, I’d love to see! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @kyrahowearth.official with photos of how you’re using your planner 🙂

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