Discover what energy is coming up over the next few weeks during Aquarius season 2023 (20th Jan – 19th Feb), including how to manifest with the new moon in Aquarius & full moon in Leo.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • The energetic themes of Aquarius season
  • How to manifest with the new moon in Aquarius & full moon in Leo 2023
  • Astrological highlights of Aquarius season 2023

Aquarius season 2023

Aquarius season refers to the ~4 weeks that the sun moves through Aquarius each year. In 2023, Aquarius season is from 20th January – 18th February (give or take a day, depending where you are in the world!).

During Aquarius season, we are ALL affected by the Aquarius energies. It’s not uncommon to focus on themes like compassion, humanity, community involvement, volunteering/donating, and friendships.

This can also be a time when tweaks & adjustments need to be made. You set big goals for the year ahead during Capricorn season, but as the year is progressing you’re discovering some things that need adjusting along the way. Give yourself permission to adjust your goals – it’s okay to change your mind! The Aquarius energy helps us to think outside the box & create new solutions.

Whether you’re an Aquarius or not, we’re all affected by this cosmic energy. Read on to discover how to navigate the energies of Aquarius season 2023 to help you manifest your goals…

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New moon in Aquarius 2023

Aquarius season begins with a new moon, just a few days after the sun moves into Aquarius.

The new moon in Aquarius is on 21st/22nd January 2023, depending where you are in the world. The new moon is exact at 1°33′ Aquarius.

This new moon in Aquarius can bring a new beginning to those Aquarius vibes we just talked about above ^^ such as your community groups, friendships, and compassion for others. This is also a beautiful time to set intentions for your hopes & wishes for ALL humanity.

The Aquarius energy is often quite selfless, with the energy focusing on how we can support OTHERS rather than just setting goals for our own personal desires.

What change would you like to see in the world, and how can you contribute to this?


First quarter moon in Taurus

About a week after the new moon in Aquarius, the moon will reach the first quarter phase in Taurus (around 28th/29th January 2023).

First quarter moon = taking action

During Aquarius season, all the major moon phases (new, first quarter, full & last quarter) fall in fixed quality zodiac signs. Fixed signs are more stubborn & resistant to change, but they are hard-working, consistent & persistent.

This first quarter moon in Taurus is a time for taking practical action. Slow & steady wins the race. Don’t rush into making big changes yet! Keep persisting, being consistent with your actions, and being PATIENT. Results take time, so don’t give up yet!

Full moon in Leo

The full moon in Aquarius season always falls in Leo, the opposite sign to Aquarius on the zodiac wheel. This full moon in Leo is exact at 16°41′ on 5th/6th February 2023, depending where in the world you are.

This full moon is all about doing what lights YOU up, rather than doing things for others. It’s time to shine YOUR light and stand out from the crowd, rather than dimming your light or blending in with others.

Full moons are the peak energy of the moon cycle when we manifest, receive & feel grateful. With the full moon in Leo, we often see the peak energy of our creative projects, self-confidence & recognition of achievements. This is a great time to celebrate YOU and all the wonderful things you’ve created!


Last quarter moon in Scorpio

About a week after the full moon, the moon shifts into the last quarter phase. During Aquarius season, the last quarter moon falls in the sign of Scorpio. This will occur around 13th/14th February 2023, depending where you are in the world.

As the last quarter moon is all about letting go, reviewing & reflecting, then this is an ideal time for letting go of your fears & energetic blockages.

The Scorpio energy gives this last quarter moon a healing vibe. Use this time to focus on healing your energy. Cleanse your chakras, smoke cleanse your home, cut cords. Remove any emotional or energetic blockages that are holding you back from manifesting your goals.

Sun conjunct Saturn

An astrological highlight during Aquarius season 2023 is the Sun conjoining Saturn. Occurring around 16th/17th February, you may feel this effects of this transit for about a week from 13th through to 20th February.

This annual transit is always a time of hard work, self-discipline & being responsible for your actions. The Sun represents our focus & awareness, and Saturn represents challenge, so when they meet at the same degree in our skies, their energies combine. So, Sun conjunct Saturn can bring our focus towards the challenges in our lives.

You may find yourself teaching others, or attending to obligations. You might feel like you need to work really hard during this time, or push through lots of obstacles.

This transit brings an opportunity to create more structure in your life. Whether you need to create a system, schedule or spreadsheet, these few days could give you the motivation to get your life more organized.

Don’t get discouraged if you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities & challenges during this transit – just remember that hard work brings great rewards! Apply yourself, push through it, and you’ll reap the rewards 🙂

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