Tired of holding yourself back? Here’s some tips to help you shine to your highest potential so you can manifest the life you desire! And of course, I’m including some astrological tips to help you shine even brighter ✨

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to overcome fear of failure & other blocks
  • The steps to take to manifest your best life
  • How to use your natal chart as a guide for shining to your highest potential

What’s your word for the year?

One of my rituals for the new year ahead is to set a word for the year. This word can be how I want to feel for the year, or what I want to be for the year, or my theme for the year.

In 2023, my word is SHINE. I picked this word because I wanted a word that would help me shine to my highest potential, shine my authentic self, and not let anything hold me back.

At first I wanted to choose my own name, Kyra, as my word for the year, but I’m kinda glad I chose shine instead!

So that’s what has inspired this post, it’s all about shining your light into the world & not holding yourself back ?

2023 Moon Manifesting Planner

How to overcome your fears

Often our fears are what hold us back from shining our light into the world.

So first up, let’s explore what fears have been holding you back.

Is it fear of failure? Fear of what others might think? Fear of success?

Once you begin exploring that fear, maybe you can see how it’s been holding you back. Where has that fear been holding you back? Perhaps in your work or career, your relationships, or another area of your life.

What we’re doing here is finding the blocks that are holding you back from shining to your highest potential so that you CAN shine your light, speak up & be your best self.

What if you knew you could not fail?

How would it feel if you knew you could not fail? Would that make you feel more confident & courageous to take that next scary step?

What if you knew you’d be supported, no matter what?

If you remove fear, and replace it with TRUST, knowing that the Universe has got your back…how would that change how you show up in your life?

Would you shine your light more brightly? What would be different in your life?

Imagine what it could be like if you removed your fears and moved forward in life with confidence & trust.

And yes, it really can be that easy! A simple mindset shift can begin a ripple effect through your entire life. Just start TRUSTING that everything will be fine, and take that next courageous step!

Using your natal chart so you can shine

Let’s look at your natal chart to find more about how to shine your authentic light! If you don’t have a natal chart, you can get one for free at astro-charts.com

It’s a helpful resource to check in with your unique gifts so you can understand more about yourself!

1. Your sun sign: this tells you all about your authentic self. What zodiac sign is your natal sun in? What house is your natal sun in? This information tells you how you’re meant to shine your light into the world.

>>> No idea what the zodiac signs & houses mean? Download a FREE Astrology Cheatsheet here!

2. Your natal Jupiter: your Jupiter will tell you what brings good luck & joy into your life. Look at which zodiac sign & house your natal Jupiter is in on your natal chart to find how to bring more joy into your life, because joy will help you shine your light.

3. Your Lucky Star: the Lucky Star, also known as Pars Fortunae or Part of Fortune, is not actually a star but a calculated part of the sky. Your Lucky Star can tell you how to bring more luck & prosperity into your life. Look at which zodiac sign & house your Lucky Star is in to find this information.

Want to know more?

If you’re feeling curious about removing your fears & shining your light to your highest potential, let’s chat! Book a discovery call with me to discover how you can shine your light with astrology & yoga.

Want more moon manifesting magick?

Here’s your next steps:

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Kyra xx


Comment and let me know: what did you discover from your natal chart about shining your light into the world?