Want to know exact what energy is coming up for YOU personally this new moon? In this episode, I share my exact process for tuning into the astrological energies of each new moon so you can manifest with the flow of Universal energy.

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 

  • My exact process for tuning into the new moon energies
  • How to discover what natal planets are being activated by the new moon
  • How to set your intentions in alignment with the astrological energies

New moon in Pisces 2023

The New Moon in Pisces is exact on 20th February 2023 at 2:05am EST / 7:05am GMT / 6:05pm AEDST at 1°22′ Pisces.

New moons are a time of new beginnings & fresh starts, so the new moon in Pisces brings a new beginning with creativity, spirituality & dreaming big for the future.

Find which house this new moon is in

To begin with exploring the astrological energy of this new moon, and what it means for you personally, you’ll need to bring up your natal chart.

If you don’t already have a natal chart, you can get one for free at astro.com or astro-charts.com

Find 1°22′ Pisces on your natal chart, and find which one of the 12 houses this new moon will be in for you.

This is what area of your life to consciously focus on manifesting with this new moon energy.

Not sure what the 12 houses mean? Download a handy reference guide here.

Mundane transits

The next step is to discover what other planetary energies are being activated by this new moon. The mundane transits affect us all!

The sun and moon are ALWAYS conjunct on a new moon. But you may find other planets are hanging out near the new moon. Venus & Mercury are often not far away from the sun, so it’s not uncommon for these planets to be conjunct a new moon.

Conjunctions are when the planets are within 5-10° of each other, and bring a blending of the energies.

So this new moon in Pisces 2023 is conjunct Saturn (at 28°10′ Aquarius). Saturn is the planet of challenge, discipline & control so this new moon could bring a challenging new beginning where we feel self-disciplined to pursue our goals.

You can also check out which planets are opposite, square, trine or sextile a new moon.

  • Conjunction = blending energies
  • Opposition = conflicting/polarizing energies, needs to find balance
  • Trine = harmonious flow of energies
  • Square = challenging energies
  • Sextile = comfortable, easy energies, creates opportunities

Need some guidance with what’s coming up for you this new moon? Feeling lost with your natal chart?

Don’t worry – I’ve got you!

Book a reading to explore your natal chart & discover how to manifest with the energies of the upcoming new/full moons.

Natal transits

What natal planets are being activated by this new moon?

Look for planets on your natal chart which are at/around 1°22′ Pisces. If you have any planets around this degree of the new moon,  they are conjunct this new moon, meaning the energies are blending with this new moon energy.

If you have planets at/around 1° Virgo, the new moon is opposing these natal planets, bringing a need to balance those energies

If you have planets at/around 1° Gemini or Sagittarius, the new moon is square these natal planets, bringing challenge to those energies.

If you have planets at/around 1° Scorpio or Cancer, the new moon is trine these natal planets, bringing a harmonious flow of energies.

If you have planets at/around 1° Capricorn or Taurus, the new moon is sextile these natal planets, creating positive opportunities.

Use this information to set your intentions

Now that you’ve explored what astrological energy is coming up with this new moon, you can begin to set aligned intentions & goals so that you’re working WITH this energy rather than against it.

It’s so much easier to manifest when you’re working in flow with the Universe.

So, what themes are coming up from the astrological energy you’ve been exploring? These themes could indicate what you could centre your intentions or goals around.

Don’t ignore your feelings though! If there’s something you deeply FEEL you want to work on during this moon cycle, even if it’s not indicated by the astro energies, set those intentions anyway.

Remember that a moon cycle is from the new moon to full moon in the same sign, so what intentions you set now may not come to full manifestation until the full moon in Pisces around 30th/31st August 2023.

Use this method for each new moon to understand exactly what energy to work with! You can rinse & repeat these steps to discover exactly what energy is coming up for you each new moon.

Want to learn more about manifesting with the moon?

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Comment and let me know: what’s coming up for you this new moon in Pisces?