I spent the past week in bed because I was so burnt out! This downtime gave me space to learn some valuable lessons. Listen to discover how to prevent burn out, using astrology as your guide ✨

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 


  • What I learnt from burning myself out
  • How to recognize the signs of burnout
  • Tips for preventing burnout

I spent last week in bed

I’m one of those people who just NEVER stop. I’m always doing stuff, being productive, and scoffing at laziness. I actually can’t recall the last time I spent an entire week in bed (that’s including when I gave birth to my babies – even THAT couldn’t keep me in bed for more than a day or 2!).

So last week, everything turned to shit, and I found myself in bed for most of the week.

You see, I’ve been trying really hard lately. Shifts within our family have forced me into the role of “sole income provider” for our family of 6, and as a result I’ve been carrying so much burden trying to provide for us all.

And I wore myself out.

I’ve been trying to be all the things & do all the things, but I forgot the most important thing.

Looking after mySELF.

So here’s the lessons I’ve learnt from spending a week in bed, feeling sorry for myself & drowning my sorrows with Bridgerton novels.

It’s okay to rest

I never prioritize downtime. Even when I should be resting, I find myself working (“what should I post on Instagram tonight? What am I working on next in my business?”).

A week of doing little BUT resting made me realize just how much my body needed this.

It felt soooo good to physically rest!

To ignore the hourly “stand” reminders from my Apple Watch.

To not worry about showing up on social media.

To be still, in my mind & body.

Give yourself permission to rest, and to do it regularly.

Downtime is necessary

I’ve gotten into the habit of making sure my time is used in the most productive manner, and downtime definitely has NOT made it to my list of “productive activities”.

However, I noticed after having a week of downtime just how much I needed this space to rest and do nothing.

Having downtime enhanced my creativity, recharged my energy, and refilled my cup.

I hadn’t even noticed how EMPTY my cup was!

After forcing myself to rest, I started to find more clarity & patience. I could zoom out and see the bigger picture, rather than get fixated on the smaller details (and spirals of self-pity).

Downtime IS necessary. Whether it’s a daily meditation, weekly mini-retreat, or quarterly vacation, we all need this space to re-centre & recharge ourselves.

Heal yourSELF so you can heal your business

Part of the reason that I ended up in this cycle of burnout & self-pity is that I thought there was something wrong with my business.

I thought my marketing was wrong. Maybe I wasn’t reaching enough people. Maybe my marketing just wasn’t hitting the right spot.

Or maybe it’s my branding.

Or my current set of offerings.

But what I didn’t realize was that it was ME. My energy, my vibes.

So when I took this week to heal myself, I began to see a ripple effect throughout my business.

As I healed myself, sales started flowing in.

As I healed myself, I became open to receiving abundance.

As I healed myself, I received beautiful messages from clients & followers.

If things don’t seem “right” in your business, maybe take a step back and focus on your own healing.

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Go back to the basics

When we take time off work, we can strip back the unnecessary tasks.

Often we end up doing a lot of “busy work” that actually doesn’t make much difference to the outcomes of our business.

When you decide to take some time off your business, it’s often a great lesson in weeding out the unnecessary tasks so you can focus on what really matters.

What are the basics your business needs to thrive?

What tasks can you outsource or eliminate?

Realign with your true priorities

Taking time away from your work can help you align with your true priorities. I spent so much more quality time with my kids this past week while I was moping around in bed.

In fact, my kids really helped me through this time. My youngest (6 year old) requested to pull some oracle cards one day. At that point, I hadn’t pulled any cards for myself for a few days – my usual rituals has completely slipped during my melancholy. So when my daughter suggested we pull some cards, I realized that was exactly what I needed.

Sometimes things don’t work out for a reason, so just trusting that you need this downtime can be a powerful thing. Sometimes the Universe has better plans for us (like reading oracle cards with your kids!).

Even though I was feeling pretty burnt out & hopeless, this situation helped me realize that none of that actually matters. My priority is quality connection with my family.

Using astrology to prevent burnout

Okay, let’s weave some astrology into this! There’s a few ways we can use astrology to help prevent burnout in the future.

First up, make sure you have your natal chart (you can also use your business chart if applicable). If you don’t already have one, you can get a free natal chart from astro-charts.com

Find your 12th house. When the sun is moving through your 12th house, this is the best time of year to rest, retreat & recharge.

So let’s find what dates the sun will move through your 12th house (this will be approximately 4 weeks, and the dates will be the same each year, give or take a day or so).

Find what degree your 12th house begins & ends.

Then you can use an ephemeris like this one at astro-seek.com to find which date the sun will be at the degree your 12th house starts, and the degree your 12th house ends.

Plan some downtime during your 12th house season to prevent burnout later in the year! I always block off this time from seeing clients, and I make an effort to go on a retreat, vacation, or do nourishing self-care activities.

My other astrological tip for preventing burnout is to find out when the next dark moon is.

Currently, the next dark moon is 20th-21st March 2023.

The dark moon is the 1-2 days just before the new moon. This is the best time of the moon cycle to rest & recharge. Devote time during the dark moon to self-care rituals. Maybe go to bed a bit earlier, have a luxurious bath, or go to a day spa.

More tips for preventing burnout

  • Book in regular retreats, time off work & downtime
  • Take things OFF your to-do list
  • Remember that you don’t have to BE or DO everything

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Comment and let me know: have you been burnt out before? How do you take care of yourself to prevent burn out?