Saturn is moving through Pisces from 7th March 2023 to 13th February 2026, bringing a period of challenge with creativity, spirituality, and bringing your dreams + fantasies into reality. Listen to this episode to discover business astrology tips for working with this energy as a soulpreneur or spiritual worker.
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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 


  • How to get serious about being a spiritual worker
  • Lessons & challenges from Saturn in Pisces
  • Boundaries, self-discipline, and money mindset for soulpreneurs


Saturn in Pisces

Saturn is moving through Pisces from 7th March 2023 to 12th February 2026 (excluding a few months in 2025 when Saturn will briefly move into Aries before retrograding back through Pisces).

This transit brings a new chapter with challenges, responsibilities & self-discipline. Saturn is the planet of challenge, and is associated with topics like boundaries, structure, lessons, hard work, strategy & responsibility.

With Saturn moving through the mystical sign of Pisces, we’ll be seeing a lot of structure & challenge within the spiritual realm.

As spiritual workers & soulpreneurs, this can be a challenging time for us! However, learning to work WITH these energies can help you grow & reap the rewards later.


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How to work with Saturn in Pisces as a spiritual worker

  • Set strong boundaries: stop working for free, honour your time & energy, and learn how to say “no”. Set a timer when you do readings or sessions so you don’t go overtime. Have set “work hours” so you’re not draining your energy by working when you’re not at your peak. 
  • Stop treating your business like a hobby: get serious about charging your worth! Increase your prices, you are worth it!
  • Stay grounded, protect your energy: this is an important time for protecting yourself. Do regular energy cleansings & grounding practices.
  • Create a strategy: don’t keep flying by the seat of your pants, get STRUCTURED so you know exactly where you’re heading with your business.
  • Self-discipline & consistency: challenge yourself to be consistent with sharing your services as a spiritual worker. 


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Comment and let me know: how will you commit to taking your work more seriously as a spiritual worker?