Everything you need to know about the new moon in Aries on 21st/22nd March 2023, including horoscopes for your business & life, as well as why there’s TWO new moons in Aries this year.

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover:  

  • How to manifest with the Aries new moon
  • Why there’s TWO new moons in Aries this year
  • What the astrological new year is
  • Horoscopes for the new moon

New Moon in Aries 21st March 2023

The FIRST new moon in Aries of 2023 occurs on 21st March 2023, exact at 10:23am PDT / 1:23pm EDT / 5:23pm GMT // 4:23am AEDT (on the 22nd).

This first new moon occurs at 00°50′, right at the beginning of Aries. This new moon feels pretty special, because it occurs just a few hours after the sun moves in Aries. When the sun moves into Aries, this marks the equinox! In the Southern Hemisphere, we’re celebrating the Autumn Equinox. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the Vernal (Spring) Equinox.

Blessed Mabon / Ostara, witches!

The new moon in Aries is conjunct Mercury in Aries, and opposite Ceres in Libra. This energy can heighten our communicative skills to share our authentic selves, while bringing conflict with how we nurture ourselves. Be aware of giving too much of your energy to others – don’t forget to make time for self-care, too.

Around the same time as the new moon, Venus, Juno & the North Node are conjunct at around 5° Taurus. This will create some intense energy with our relationships or finances, where we’ll be pushed out of our comfort zones to commit to our goals & desires.


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Why is there two new moons in Aries in 2023?

Because the first new moon is occuring at 00°50′ Aries, and each new moon is approximately 28-29° apart, this means the next new moon will fall at the last degrees of Aries (exactly 29°50′).

This second new moon in Aries will actually be a solar eclipse! This is going to be a really powerful new moon for manifesting – stay tuned for more info about working with this energy.


New moon in Aries

As Aries is the first sign in the 12 zodiac signs, the new moon in Aries signifies the beginning of the astrological year.

This energy is great for starting new things in your life & making a fresh start. 

In your business, the new moon in Aries is a great time for working on branding, your website, logo, fonts, colours, or updating your photos. How can you improve how your business appears to the world?


Horoscopes for the new moon in Aries

Find your sun, moon or rising sign below to discover which area of your life is coming into the spotlight this new moon:

  • Aries = appearance / branding

  • Taurus = rest / retreat

  • Gemini = community / groups & teams

  • Cancer = career / bigger impact

  • Leo = study/travel / teaching others

  • Virgo = business/money / how you make money

  • Libra = relationships / clients

  • Scorpio = health / routines

  • Sagittarius = creativity/ fun & downtime

  • Capricorn = home/family / security

  • Aquarius = social life / networking

  • Pisces = goals & desires / income goals

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Comment and let me know: what will you manifest this new moon in Aries?