In this guest episode of the Moon Manifesting Podcast, I’m chatting with Kathryn Hocking, an Australian business astrologer, soulful launching mentor, and launch strategist. Discover why business astrology is so important, and how to weave astrology into your business with these practical tips.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:


  • What is business astrology & how can you use this in your business
  • Leaning into feminine energy in your business
  • Practical tips for incorporating astrology into your business

Kathryn Hocking is a renowned Business Astrologer, AstroBrand Strategist, Creator of the Business Astrology Oracle Deck & the founder of the Business Astrology Certification.

In this episode of the Moon Manifesting Podcast, Kathryn shares how she got started on her journey with business astrology, as well as practical tips for implementing astrology into YOUR business.

We talk about leaning into the feminine energy of your business, aligning with your authenticity, and using the moon cycle to plan your business activities.



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