Are you around 36 years old? You need to know about JUPITER RETURNS – the 12-year cycle that’s happening in your life right now!

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 


  • What your Jupiter return is all about, and when to expect it
  • How to navigate your Jupiter return
  • What to expect personally, using your natal chart

What is a Jupiter return?

Every 12 years, we start a new chapter of our lives. This is due to Jupiter re-entering the zodiac sign that Jupiter was in when we were born. As Jupiter takes 12 years to move around the zodiac wheel, this means that we experience Jupiter returns at ages 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, and so forth.

Think back to when you were 12. Did anything significant happen in your life at this age?

And what about at age 24? Maybe you can already identify these 12-year cycles and how they’ve affected your life.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, luck and expansion, so typically when we experience a Jupiter return we will experience MORE growth, luck & expansion.

Common themes of Jupiter returns include physical growth, studying, and relationships. These Jupiter cycles often bring new chapters & opportunities.

What you need to know if you’re 36 years old

At age 36 years old, we experience our third Jupiter return. You might find yourself re-experiencing new chapters that emerged from your previous Jupiter returns at ages 12 and 24.

I find it helpful to consult the natal chart to understand more about what to expect for the Jupiter return. Just by tuning into your natal Jupiter zodiac sign & house, you can find out A LOT of what to expect during your Jupiter return!

Navigating your Jupiter return

Bring up your natal chart (or create a free one at and find your natal Jupiter.

The symbol for Jupiter looks like this:

What zodiac sign is your Jupiter in? Find your natal Jupiter sign below to understand more about the energy of your Jupiter return.

  • Aries: enthusiasm, starting new things
  • Taurus: slow & steady, sensuality, nourishing
  • Gemini: social, collaboration
  • Cancer: nurturing others, comfort
  • Leo: creativity, passion projects, children, games
  • Virgo: daily habits & rituals, being of service to others
  • Libra: supporting others harmoniously, creating beauty
  • Scorpio: understanding WHY, solving problems
  • Sagittarius: adventurous, self-discovery & philosophy
  • Capricorn: long-term goals
  • Aquarius: rebelling against the norm, being unique, helping the world
  • Pisces: dreaming big, bringing creativity & magic into the world

We can dig another layer deeper to understand more about your Jupiter return! Find which house your natal Jupiter is in to discover which area of your life will be most impacted by your Jupiter return.


  • 1st: appearance, physical growth
  • 2nd: money, romance, possessions
  • 3rd: connections, social life
  • 4th: home, family, security
  • 5th: fun, play, creativity
  • 6th: health, work
  • 7th: close relationships, support
  • 8th: business, finances, fears
  • 9th: study, travel
  • 10th: career
  • 11th: community, friendships
  • 12th: spirituality, rest
Kyra Howearth

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Comment and let me know: what have you observed about your Jupiter returns? Are you experiencing a Jupiter return this year?