You’ve been practicing astrology or tarot reading on yourself, but now you’re wondering – how can you do readings for others? This episode has LOTS of tips to help you get started reading tarot cards, astrology charts & other divination tools for other people.

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 

  • What to do BEFORE you even start the reading
  • Tips for trusting your intuition
  • How to start offering paid readings

What to do BEFORE a reading

You’ve been practicing reading tarot cards or astrology charts, and you’re ready to start doing readings for others. CONGRATULATIONS, this is an exciting time for you!

It’s great to start practicing readings with friends & family before you start offering paid services as a tarot reader or astrologer. This article covers some general tips for readings, as well as branching out into doing paid, professional reading services.

So, what do you need to do BEFORE you even start pulling cards?

Firstly, take some time to ground your energy & clear your mind.

This will help enhance your intuition, and allows you to tune into your client’s energy more effectively.

I’ll often take a few moments to close my eyes & meditate before a reading. If I’m doing an online reading, I’ll do a short meditation before jumping on Zoom. If I’m going to a client’s house, I’ll take a moment in the car to calm my mind & take some deep breaths.

It’s also helpful to do some preparation before the reading. I actually have my clients fill out a form when booking their reading, where they can tell me more about what they want from their reading.

Regardless of whether you have some information prior to the reading or not, it can be very helpful to be prepared with specific tarot spreads to use, or know where to look on a chart for certain questions (ie. look at Venus, Moon & 7th House for relationship questions).

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Set the scene

Take time before the reading to set the scene. Maybe burn some incense, put your favourite essential oil blend in the diffuser, play soft music in the background, or create a comfortable space for the reading.

Use a special tarot cloth, have a crystal with you to enhance your intuition, or do whatever else will help you tune into your psychic powers & help your client be more open to receiving these intuitive messages.

Start the reading

At the start of the reading, ask your client what they want to know form the reading. Be clear about what they are asking.

It’s also important to set boundaries & expectations, letting your client know that the future isn’t set, anything can change, and they have free will to change the outcome. It’s so important to let clients understand that they have the power to change anything that comes up in the reading that might be feeling negative!

Once you’ve got clear expectations, it’s time to dive into the cards, chart, or whatever divination tool you might be using.

Trust your intuition

When I first started reading tarot cards, I would just read the cards and ignore any intuitive nudges. I never felt particularly intuitive, so I didn’t trust my intuition!

But once I started listening to my intuitive nudges & sharing those insights with clients, I began to see a shift with my readings. They became more accurate & more helpful for my clients.

So even if a card comes out that has a meaning, but your intuition is telling you something else, GO WITH IT! Trust those nudges, share them with your client, and see what comes from it.

After the reading

Once the reading has finished, it’s important to cleanse your energy. Whether you do this immediately after the reading, or later that day, be sure to intentionally take some time for this important step. You don’t need to be carrying other people’s energy with you after the reading is finished!

Some of my favourite cleansing techniques include:

  • Going for a walk
  • Spending time in nature
  • Using a smoke bundle
  • Diffusing a cleansing essential oil (rosemary is my favourite!)
  • Or rubbing a drop of rosemary essential oil over your crown chakra


If you’re offering readings as a paid service, it can be helpful to take payment upfront.

Currently my clients pay when making the appointment booking, and it makes the whole process so much easier!

No more anxiety about wondering if the client will pay for the reading, or having to work up the confidence to ask for payment.

After the reading, another consideration is to ask for a referral or testimonial. Word-of-mouth referrals are my best source of appointment bookings – it never hurts to ask for the referral!

The end of the appointment is also a great opportunity to book your client in for another appointment. Perhaps they need a follow up appointment to discuss something that came up in today’s reading, or you didn’t have enough time to cover everything the client asked about. Book in your client right there & then, while you’re still on Zoom or in-person.

Kyra Howearth

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Comment and let me know: what’s your experience with readings? Have you only ever read for yourself, have you done a few readings for others, or maybe you’re aready a professional reader?