What’s a Mars return? We all have a Mars return transit every 2ish years – a time where we may feel more energized & motivated than usual. Discover what to expect for your Mars return in this episode.

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 

  • When to expect your Mars return
  • What to expect during this transit
  • Advice based on your natal Mars sign

Mars returns

Mars is the planet of motivation, drive, willpower & energy. Around every 2.5 years, we experience a Mars return – that is, when Mars moves to the exact degree of where Mars was when you were born (your natal Mars).

This post covers exactly what to expect during this transit.

Mars returns: what to expect

Generally, your Mars return is a time of increased:

  • Motivation
  • Physical energy
  • Courage
  • Determination

As Mars is also the god of war, you may also experience increased anger or conflict during this transit.

Don’t worry – usually your Mars return will only last 1-2 weeks at most, with the peak energy occuring over 2-3 days.

Your Mars return can bring a renewed sense of purpose & heightened energy. This can be an exciting time of growth & finding courage to do things you wouldn’t usually consider!

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Your natal Mars

To understand more about what to expect for your Mars return, it’s important to learn about your natal Mars.

The zodiac sign that your natal Mars is in can tell you a lot about your natural motivation & drive, as well as what will come up during your Mars return.

If you don’t know which zodiac sign your natal Mars is in, you can bring up a free natal chart at astro-seek.com.

Find your natal Mars sign below to understand more about your natal Mars & what to expect for your Mars return.

  • Aries: you are motivated by physical fitness & strength. Appearance & originality are key drivers for you. During your Mars return, you may feel particularly motivated to improve your appearance.
  • Taurus: you are motivated by finances & food. Anything that makes you feel luxurious & comfortable motivates you! During your Mars return, consider how you can reward yourself – perhaps through a special treat.
  • Gemini: you are motivated by sharing your ideas with others & working within a team. You might struggle to do things independently, you prefer to collaborate or work with a partner. During your Mars return, connect with someone to help you manifest your goals.
  • Cancer: you are motivated to create security within your personal life. During your Mars return, bring your focus towards bringing happiness into your home & family life.
  • Leo: you are motivated by creativity & fun. Pleasure is your primary driver. During your Mars return, consider how you can make your life feel more fun.
  • Virgo: you are motivated to stay healthy. You thrive on organization & bringing order to chaos. During your Mars return, create more structure with your schedule.
  • Libra: you are motivated by supporting others & creating deeper relationships. During your Mars return, focus on bringing peace & harmony into your life and releasing conflict.
  • Scorpio: you are motivated by the pursuit of hidden knowledge. There’s nothing quite as exciting as solving a mystery! During your Mars return, beware of power struggles or psychic attack. Protect your energy.
  • Sagittarius: you are motivated by finding the deeper meaning to life, whether that’s through spirituality, education, or travel. During your Mars return, go on a new adventure or try something new to expand your horizons.
  • Capricorn: you are motivated by professional/career pursuits. When you can see how something will affect your long-term future, you become determined to make it happen. During your Mars return, considering making a positive move for your career, or working towards long-term goals.
  • Aquarius: you are motivated by friends & groups. You are driven to bring together groups of people. During your Mars return, connect with your community and do something to improve the lives of others.
  • Pisces: you are motivated by dreams & creativity. Your visions of the future are your key driver. You may also be driven by your sense of deeper purpose & knowing. During your Mars return, allow yourself to rest so you can find a fresh perspective.

Mars return advice

Wondering what to do during your Mars return? Here’s my advice!

– Monitor your energy levels. Feeling energized? Use that energy! But if you’re not feeling that surge of physical energy, don’t push yourself.

– Commit to courageous action. This transit can bring a surge of courage, so use this time to commit to something that scares you! Don’t chicken out – you’ve got this.

– Reflect on anger & conflict. If you’ve been feeling conflicted or irritated, consider what’s going on to cause this. Your Mars return can be a good time to work through these issues through quiet reflection (but avoid any confrontation – things could get worse!).

– Find more independence. Feel confident to step out on your own and do your own thing!

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Kyra Howearth

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Comment and let me know: have you experienced a Mars return recently? What did you experience?