Have you heard about blue moons? These rare occurrences can be quite significant, especially if you love manifesting with the moon. Learn all about what a blue moon is and how to work with this energy in this episode…

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 

  • What classifies a full moon as a “blue moon”
  • When the next blue moon is
  • How to work with the energy of a blue moon



What is a blue moon?

A blue moon is classified as either:

  • The second full moon in a calendar month.
  • The third of four full moons in a tropical season.
  • Or, the second full moon in the same zodiac sign.

Personally I find the last definition (the second full moon in the same zodiac sign) to be most significant, as this blue moon will occur in the 29th degree of the zodiac sign.

The 29th degree is associated with endings, culmination, and soul growth, which can exacerbate the energy of the “blue moon”.


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What’s special about a blue moon?

This second full moon in a zodiac sign gives a powerful boost to whatever you’re manifesting for that moon cycle. Full moons are a time of harvesting the seeds we sow at the new moon, so a blue moon is a bonus second harvest! The energy of the full moon is amplified during a blue moon. Expect the energy to be intense, especially if you have any planets around 29 degrees in your natal chart.


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