In today’s guest episode of the Moon Manifesting Podcast we have Lisa Hardee talking with us about astrology, essential oils & parenting. If you have kids and want to understand them a bit better & support their emotions, this episode provides insights into why astrology can be an important tool.

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In today’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • Understanding your kids through astrology
  • Using essential oils to support your kids’ emotions (and yours too!)

Lisa Hardee is a Family Aromastrologist at Raising Star Seedlings. She helps connect moms who are out of this world to resources that keep them grounded AF. She is a passionate astrologer & mom who has created offerings for fellow mystic mommas, including printable astrology worksheets for kids & courses for mommas to understand their star seedlings on a deeper level.

Moon mommas listening to the Moon Manifesting Podcast are invited to request a secret special offering based on our blended interests in astrology, essential oils, and parenting! 

If these resources spark joy for your family, please DM or email me to request a mom-brain friendly reading that will include insights on your family’s moon signs (~4 min of messages for each family member) and a list of suggested essential oils to diffuse to manifest a feeling of harmony in your home. 

To request, send a message such as “Hi, I’d like to request a moon signs reading for my family please!” You can include your family members natal chart details right away, or I can coordinate those details with you next! Once you send your offering of $44 (a number that corresponds with the moon) to my Paypal or Venmo, then I’ll work on your reading during my nap time work times and send you the resources you requested over the next week until we have covered all the topics offered to you above. 

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