Everything you need to know about the new moon in Virgo on 15th September 2023, including how to manifest with this new moon energy.

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 


  • How to manifest with the Virgo new moon
  • What energy is coming up with this new moon


New Moon in Virgo 2023

Exact at 21°59’ Virgo on Friday 15th September at 11:39am AEST⁠

✨ Affirmation: “I begin new healthy habits” ✨

New moon in Virgo themes: ✩ ROUTINES ✩ ORGANIZATION ✩ WELLNESS ✩⁠⁠⁠⁠

What new habits are you ready to commit to?
How would you like to change your daily routines?
What would make you feel healthier?

This Virgo new moon energy brings a new beginning to healthy habits. Take a small step each day towards your goals – consistency adds up over time.

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Horoscopes for the new moon in Virgo

Find your sun, moon or rising sign below to discover which area of your life is coming into the spotlight this new moon:

  • Aries = health & routines

  • Taurus = creativity & fun

  • Gemini = home & family

  • Cancer = connection & communication

  • Leo = goals, desires & money

  • Virgo = identity & appearance

  • Libra = rest & deeper purpose

  • Scorpio = community & friendships

  • Sagittarius = career & visibility

  • Capricorn = education & exploration

  • Aquarius = business & shadow work

  • Pisces = relationships & support

Curious about what’s coming up for you personally this new moon?

There’s lots more to discover in an astrology + tarot reading…

Kyra Howearth

Comment and let me know: what will you manifest this new moon in Virgo?