Looking for a journal for the year ahead? Take a look inside the 2024 Moon Manifesting Journal in this episode. You’ll discover how this journal is different from previous years, and the unique features that make this the PERFECT journal for moon lovers!

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 

  • How the 2024 Moon Manifesting Journal is different from previous years
  • How to use the 2024 journal
  • Plus, a look through previous year’s planners


2024 Moon Manifesting Journal

I’ve been making journals/planners for the past few years, created from a desire to 1) provide an astrological resource specifically for Australians, and 2) have everything I need to know about the moon in one handy place.

Over the years, the planners have evolved with each new edition.

For the 2024 version, I wanted to simplify and come back to my roots of moon manifesting.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the 2024 Moon Manifesting Journal:

  • Monthly moon calendar
  • Daily moon manifesting prompts (NEW for this edition!)
  • Daily moon signs & phases
  • Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Monthly goal settings & rituals
  • Moonthly new & full moon journaling & tarot spreads
  • Monthly reflections
  • Year ahead ritual
  • Year end ritual

It’s your companion journal for manifesting with the moon – whether you want to work with the moon daily, or just want a place to keep your full & new moon rituals together, this journal is for you!

2024 Moon Manifesting Journal | Kyra Howearth
2024 Moon Manifesting Journal | Kyra Howearth
2024 Moon Manifesting Journal | Kyra Howearth

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