Everything you need to know about the new moon AND solar eclipse in Libra on 14th/15th October 2023, including how to manifest with this new moon energy.

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 

  • How to manifest with the Libra new moon
  • What energy is coming up with this new moon & solar eclipse 

New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Libra 2023

Exact at 21°08’ Libra on Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th October at 4:55am AEDST⁠

✨ Affirmation: “I deeply love & accept myself” ✨

New moon in Libra themes: ✩ RELATIONSHIPS ✩ BALANCE ✩ SELF-LOVE ✩⁠⁠⁠⁠

What needs healing with your relationships?

How can you heal your relationship with yourSELF?

What needs more balance in your life?

This Libra new moon energy brings a new beginning to relationships & self-love practices. To heal your relationships with others, the first step is to heal your relationship with YOU. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so this new moon is all about filling your cup FIRST so you can give to others from your overflow.

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Horoscopes for the new moon in Libra

Find your sun, moon or rising sign below to discover which area of your life is coming into the spotlight this new moon:

  • Aries = relationships & support

  • Taurus = health & routines

  • Gemini = creativity & fun

  • Cancer = home & family

  • Leo = connection & communication

  • Virgo = goals, desires & money

  • Libra = identity & appearance

  • Scorpio = rest & deeper purpose

  • Sagittarius = community & friendships

  • Capricorn = career & visibility

  • Aquarius = education & exploration

  • Pisces = business & shadow work

Solar eclipse in Libra 2023

When a new moon is accompanied by a solar eclipse, the energy of the new moon is AMPLIFIED! This new moon in Libra is an extra potent time for setting intentions and manifesting things FAST.

Be prepared, and be careful for what you wish for! Eclipses can bring chaotic energy as manifestations occur rapidly.

This energy will be particularly potent for manifesting relationship healing, self-love practices, balance, harmony, and beauty.

Curious about what’s coming up for you personally this new moon?

There’s lots more to discover in an astrology + tarot reading…

Kyra Howearth

Comment and let me know: what will you manifest this new moon in Libra?