Everything you need to know about the new moon in Scorpio on 13th November 2023, including what’s happening astrologically, how to manifest with this new moon energy, and a ritual to follow along with.

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 

  • How to manifest with the Scorpio new moon
  • What energy is coming up with this new moon
  • A cord cutting visualization ritual to release the old & make way for something new

New Moon in Scorpio 2023

Exact at 20°44’ Scorpio on Monday 13th November at 4:27am EST / 9:27am GMT / 8:27pm AEDST⁠

✨ Affirmation: “I am ready to transform” ✨

New moon in Scorpio themes: ✩ TRANSFORMATION ✩ POWER ✩ THE UNKNOWN ✩⁠⁠⁠⁠

What needs transforming in your life?

How can you reclaim your power?

What feels unaligned with your dreams & goals?

The Scorpio new moon is a time of new beginnings, especially to do with transformation, money, power, sex, business, and other taboo topics. It’s a rebirth, a time of rising from the ashes. Don’t let yourself get defeated by negativity – transform the negatives in your life into something positive.

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Horoscopes for the new moon in Scorpio

Find your sun, moon or rising sign below to discover which area of your life is coming into the spotlight this new moon:

  • Aries = business & shadow work

  • Taurus = relationships & support

  • Gemini = health & routines

  • Cancer = creativity & fun

  • Leo = home & family

  • Virgo = connection & communication

  • Libra = goals, desires & money

  • Scorpio = identity & appearance

  • Sagittarius = rest & deeper purpose

  • Capricorn = community & friendships

  • Aquarius = career & visibility

  • Pisces = education & exploration

Astrological energy for the new moon in Scorpio 2023

This new moon in Scorpio is conjunct Mars, which brings a boost to our physical energy levels this new moon. You might feel more energized, courageous & motivated to get sh*t done!

However, the new moon & Mars are both opposing Uranus in Taurus. This opposition creates conflict energy between your will and your liberation. This new moon will bring a rebirth of liberation, but you’ll need to fight for it.

Confront your fears, but try not to be provoked into anger. You might get triggered by stuff coming up during this time.

DON’T make any sudden moves! You might regret it later.

New moons are generally a time of contemplating your intentions, rather than rushing into action. The astro energy surrounding this new moon might make you feel like acting on impulse, but THINK before you act.

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Curious about what’s coming up for you personally this new moon?

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Kyra Howearth

Comment and let me know: what will you manifest this new moon in Scorpio?