Some people set new moon intentions but then forget about them… and then they get disappointed when those intentions don’t manifest. Don’t be one of those people! Here’s how to work with the moon with a simple daily habit that keeps you on track for manifesting your goals…

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 In today’s episode, you’ll discover: 

  • How to create your own moon manifesting daily habits
  • How to work with the moon in a daily basis
  • How to actually manifest your goals with the moon through simple daily steps

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Creating daily moon manifesting habits

A common mistake I see people making is setting their intentions on a new moon – and then FORGETTING ALL ABOUT THEM.

You can’t just set your intentions and expect the Universe to magickally manifest them for you.

You’ve got to TAKE ACTION – and this is where daily moon manifesting habits can make a huge difference!

Taking small, daily steps towards your goals can make those BIG dreams manifest with ease.


Here’s how to start:

  1. Moon phase: what’s the phase of the moon? Check in with the moon phase every daily and take aligned action. If the moon is in the waxing crescent phase, it’s a good time for planning & preparing. If it’s the waning gibbous phase, it’s best to share, adjust & refine your work. The moon phase describes the ACTION to take.
  2. Zodiac sign: the second step is to find out what zodiac sign the moon is in. The moon spends about 2.5 days in a zodiac sign before moving into the next sign. The zodiac sign is the DESCRIPTION of what sort of action to take. For example, the waxing crescent moon in Cancer has a different energy to the waxing crescent moon in Sagittarius.
  3. Houses: a further (optional) step to deepen your moon manifesting experience is to find what HOUSE the moon is in each day on your natal chart. This will explain what area of your life is in focus for that day.
  4. Application: the final step is to APPLY this information to your life in a way that’s aligned with the goals you’re manifesting. For example, you want to manifest money: so if it’s the waxing crescent in Cancer, it’s a time for planning intuitively – so apply that to your financial goals. Use your intuition to plan your income streams & investments.

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