You already know your sun sign, but do you know your MOON sign? An important part of your astrology chart, your moon sign can help you tune into what you need emotionally so you can feel creative & intuitive. In today’s episode you’ll discover your strengths based on your moon sign so you can understand your personal moon manifesting superpower!

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I know I talk A LOT about moon manifesting on the Herbal Moon Goddess Podcast (after all, I did write the book on moon manifesting). One secret key to harnessing the manifesting power of the moon is by understanding your personal moon sign. Where the moon was in the sky at the moment you were born can tell you exactly what you need to feel secure, nurtured, creative & inspired.

So that’s why I’m walking you through finding your moon sign and understanding this energy so you can tap into your hidden superpowers.

If you’re wondering about the difference between your sun sign & your moon sign, I like to think of it this way:

– Your SUN SIGN is what you are learning to be.

– Your MOON SIGN is who you already are.

In today’s episode on the Herbal Moon Goddess Podcast, you’ll discover:

* What your moon sign means about you

* How to find your moon sign

* Strengths for each moon sign

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    Comment below and let me know: What’s your moon sign? What are your personal moon manifesting superpowers, based on your moon sign? I’d love to know if the insights in this episode resonated with you!