Have you ever wondered how you can naturally & easily manifest your desires? We are all born with unique manifesting gifts, and in today’s post we’ll be unlocking your innate manifestation techniques through your astrology chart.


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Finding your unique manifestation techniques

First up you’ll need to bring up your astrology chart. I suggest going to astro.com > Free Horoscopes > Extended Chart Selection.

You’ll need to enter in your birth information (this will work best if you have the exact time of your birth). Scroll to the bottom of the page and find Additional Objects. Click on “Pars Fortunae”, then find the Manual Entry field and enter “19” here.

Then click “Click here to show the chart” and you’ll have your chart for this exercise!


Jupiter for manifesting

So once you have your chart, first you’ll want to find Jupiter. Jupiter on your chart shows how you naturally attract abundance, joy & luck into your life. You can use your natal Jupiter to easily find one of your unique manifestation techniques!

Read on to find out what your Jupiter means:

Jupiter in Aries: you attract abundance by taking initiative, making the first move and being original.

Jupiter in Taurus: you attract abundance by grounding yourself, creating a practical plan, and finding the luxuries in life.

Jupiter in Gemini: you attract abundance by sharing with others, teaching or learning, and being social.

Jupiter in Cancer: you attract abundance by nurturing & caring for others, showing kindness, and creating comfort.

Jupiter in Leo: you attract abundance by showing enthusiasm, being confident & sharing generously.

Jupiter in Virgo: you attract abundance by being highly organised, paying attention to details, and being reliable + consistent.

Jupiter in Libra: you attract abundance by finding balance, asking for or giving support, and finding fairness + equality.

Jupiter in Scorpio: you attract abundance by using your intuition, transforming other’s abundance into your own (ie. inheriting, running your own business, winning prizes) and being strategic.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: you attract abundance by exploring the deeper meaning (your big WHY), educating yourself, and following your curiosity.

Jupiter in Capricorn: you attract abundance by creating a practical plan to achieve your long-term goals & being responsible.

Jupiter in Aquarius: you attract abundance by coming up with new, inventive solutions, being spontaneous, and thinking outside the box.

Jupiter in Pisces: you attract abundance by being creative, following your intuition & spirituality, and connecting to your higher purpose in life.


Find your Lucky Star

The next point we’re looking at is your Lucky Star, also known as the Part Of Fortune or Pars Fortunae.

The Lucky Star isn’t actually a star, asteroid, comet, planet, or anything visible. It’s based on calculations of your rising sign, moon sign & sun sign. Your Lucky Star symbolizes how you can bring luck into your life. Use your Lucky Star to find another of your manifestation techniques.

Find which sign your Lucky Star is in so you can find out how you can be naturally lucky:

Lucky Star in Aries: you bring luck into your life by being ambitious, making the first move, and being your authentic self.

Lucky Star in Taurus: you bring luck into your life by taking your time & embracing the slow life.

Lucky Star in Gemini: you bring luck into your life by being social & collaborating with others.

Lucky Star in Cancer: you bring luck into your life by nurturing others & creating a sense of security.

Lucky Star in Leo: you bring luck into your life by being creative, assertive

Lucky Star in Virgo: you bring luck into your life by being organized, punctual & productive.

Lucky Star in Libra: you bring luck into your life by being romantic, fair & peaceful.

Lucky Star in Scorpio: you bring luck into your life by being magnetic & mysterious.

Lucky Star in Sagittarius: you bring luck into your life by exploring & learning new things.

Lucky Star in Capricorn: you bring luck into your life by creating structure, discipline & strategic.

Lucky Star in Aquarius: you bring luck into your life by going with the flow & listening to your intuition.

Lucky Star in Pisces: you bring luck into your life by being creative, sensitive & spiritual.


Manifest with this lucky asteroid

Remember how we typed 19 into the extended chart selection when we brought up your astrology chart? This was to show the asteroid Fortuna on your chart (fun fact: there are about 22000 different asteroids that can be used in astrology to find out all sorts of things about your unique gifts!).

Fortuna shows how you approach your destiny, or how to create good fortune in your life. This is why this asteroid can be helpful for understanding your unique manifestation techniques! Find which sign Fortuna is in on your chart.

Fortuna in Aries: you bring good fortune into your life by being authentic, original & creative.

Fortuna in Taurus: you bring good fortune into your life by being patient, grounded & connected to nature.

Fortuna in Gemini: you bring good fortune into your life by communicating & socializing.

Fortuna in Cancer: you bring good fortune into your life by being caring, kind & sensitive.

Fortuna in Leo: you bring good fortune into your life by being courageous, creative & having fun.

Fortuna in Virgo: you bring good fortune into your life by being organized, responsible & practical.

Fortuna in Libra: you bring good fortune into your life by finding harmony, balance & peace.

Fortuna in Scorpio: you bring good fortune into your life by transforming energetic & emotional blocks.

Fortuna in Sagittarius: you bring good fortune into your life by exploring the world & discovering a deeper meaning to life.

Fortuna in Capricorn: you bring good fortune into your life by focusing on the long-term strategy.

Fortuna in Aquarius: you bring good fortune into your life by being unique & original.

Fortuna in Pisces: you bring good fortune into your life by following your dreams & intuition.


Find your manifesting gifts in the 2nd house

The last thing you can check out on your astrology chart to discover more about your unique manifesting gifts is your 2nd house. Find what sign(s) are in your 2nd house to discover your approach to manifesting goals.

Aries: you manifest goals by being authentic, ambitious & independent.

Taurus: you manifest goals by taking a slow yet practical approach.

Gemini: you manifest goals by working with others.

Cancer: you manifest goals by creating a sense of security.

Leo: you manifest goals by being creative & playful.

Virgo: you manifest goals by being organized & efficient.

Libra: you manifest goals by making things fair for all involved.

Scorpio: you manifest goals by magnetizing & attracting your ideal outcome.

Sagittarius: you manifest goals by learning, exploring & discovering a deeper meaning.

Capricorn: you manifest goals by strategizing & creating a structured plan.

Aquarius: you manifest goals by following your intuition.

Pisces: you manifest goals by resting, healing & allowing yourself to dream big.


You can also gain more insight into your manifesting gifts by seeing if there are any planets in your 2nd house. But more about that another time!


What are your manifesting gifts?

WOW – so that was a lot of information for you to take in! I hope that gave you some insight into your unique manifesting gifts according to your astrology chart. Try to lean into those energies of your Jupiter, Lucky Star, Fortuna and 2nd house to boost your manifesting powers.

And if this all felt a bit confusing or you’re still not sure what it means, you can always book an Abundance Attraction Reading where I’ll look at your entire chart & help you understand your natural manifesting gifts.


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Comment below and let me know: What did you discover from your chart about your manifesting gifts? What are your unique manifestation techniques?