Connect with the grounding energy of the Full Moon in Virgo with this short yoga flow! Ground & centre yourself to reduce feelings of stress & overwhelm. You’ll leave this yoga flow feeling calmer 🙂

Tips for your Full Moon in Virgo practice


  • Set aside some time for your yoga practice. Turn your phone onto “do not disturb”, tell your family not to interrupt you, this is YOUR time!
  • Create a sacred space for your practice. Clear the room, get your props, create a cozy atmosphere with essential oils, candles, incense, soft music, or anything else you desire.
  • Focus on relaxing your body.
  • Visualize Mother Earth supporting & nourishing you throughout this practice.
  • Take deep even breaths. Slow down your breathing rhythm, move with your breath, focus on your breath to keep your mind still.


For best results, I suggest using lavender essential oil to enhance this full moon in Virgo yoga practice.


Lavender essential oil spiritual properties

Lavender is ruled by Mercury and Air, making this a helpful plant for calming the nervous system.

Some of the spiritual healing properties of lavender essential oil include:

  • Finding inner peace & harmony
  • Integrating spirituality into daily life
  • Calming emotions
  • Detachment, moderation & cleansing
  • Reduces nervousness & overstimulation 



How to use lavender essential oil for yoga

  • Place a few drops in your diffuser
  • Dab a drop onto your wrists or pulse points (diluted in carrier oil)
  • Rub a drop between the palms of your hands, then cup the nose & inhale deeply for a few breaths
  • Add to a spray bottle with water, shake well then mist lightly before/after your yoga practice