Back in the beginning of 2019, I made a moon calendar for a collaboration with a friend. The collaboration fell through, but I used the moon calendar for myself anyway. Little did I know, that moon calendar would go on to impact THOUSANDS of moon lovers, as well as transform my own life…

I’ve now been making these moon calendars for the past 3 years and sharing them for free!

Over time, these moon calendars have evolved from this humble beginning:

  • Each day is marked with the moon phase & moon sign.
  • Each day also has a helpful prompt aligned with that lunar energy.
  • In 2021, the moon calendar was renamed the Moon Manifesting Calendar.
  • You can now access this calendar in three different formats (printable A4 PDF or digital wallpaper for computers/phones) and four timezones (US, UK, Australia & NZ).

I’ve sent these calendars out to over 4,000 people in the past 3 years (say what?!) and it’s been the most popular “lead magnet” I’ve ever created! Each month I get photos and messages from people who use my calendar, who love to tell me how their activities naturally synced with the daily prompts on the calendar.

It’s clearly having an impact on moon lovers across the globe who want to tune into the lunar energy on a deeper level.

But how has the moon calendar changed my life?

When I first made the moon calendar back in 2019, I used it for myself initially. As I mentioned, I’d originally made it as part of a collaboration with a friend, but our launch was a failure and we had no one signup for our online coven. So no one received a copy of my first moon calendar.

But I used it anyway. And I absolutely LOVED having this guide to aligning my actions with the cosmic energy. And it was freakily accurate how my actions would end up aligning with the daily lunar energies anyway.

I ended up putting the moon calendar to the side for a while before I decided to recreate it to share with my own audience as a gift. I dusted it off and gave it a fresh new look & feel.


By following these little prompts regularly, I was making mindful adjustments to my life. I felt empowered to explore magick, astrology, witchcraft & spiritual practices. I felt like my moon calendar was making me into a better version of myself.

Which is why I still create & share these monthly calendars for FREE, so that others can benefit from the life-changing magick of the moon, too.


Moon Calendar Prompts

Some of the prompts on the moon calendars include things like:

  • Focus on grounding yourself
  • Plan your week ahead
  • Perform a cord cutting ritual
  • Do an random act of kindness
  • Reach out to a friend
  • Release debts




Fun facts about the Moon Manifesting Calendars:

  • My 10-year-old son created some of the background graphics for the calendars in late 2021! It was fun to pay him some money to help me in my business.
  • I usually add the constellations of the sun seasons for that month in the background graphic of the moon calendar.
  • Every month, the different versions of the calendar for each timezone require slight adjustments, so you’ll often find discrepancies between the US/UK/Australian versions, with slightly different moon phases, zodiac signs & prompts.
  • The Australian & NZ versions of the Moon Manifesting Calendars use the correct moon phases for the Southern Hemisphere! As an Aussie witch, it’s always frustrated me about the incorrect use of moon phases (especially as many Aussie witches are influenced by practitioners in the Northern Hemisphere).

Want to download your OWN free Moon Manifesting Calendar? Click here to download!