Start your day with a high-vibe ritual! Here’s how…

Creating my own morning ritual has changed my life!

  • I start my day with positive vibes.
  • I get clear on what I want to achieve for the day ahead.
  • And I get some self-care time in before the kids wake up, filling my own cup first.

Watch the video below to see a snippet of my morning ritual…

Some things you can include in your morning ritual might be:

  • ceremonial cacao, or a cup of herbal tea
  • setting your intentions for the day
  • getting clear on your goals & to-do list (on Mondays I also spent a bit of extra time planning my goals for the whole week, and planning out what needs to be done on each day so I can meet these goals!)
  • writing out some things you are grateful for today
  • intuitively choosing a crystal or essential oil to use for the day. I record in my journal what I choose, plus a few keywords about their metaphysical or physical healing properties, whatever is relevant to me for that day.
  • picking an oracle or tarot card for a message for the day. I also record the card in my journal, and it’s interesting to see how often the same cards come up!
  • for an extended morning ritual, you can also meditate, do a yoga flow, or add in something else that calls to you!

There’s no right or wrong way to do a morning ritual – feel free to do what you are called to do! I change my morning ritual as needed – some days I don’t have a lot of time, so I might set my intentions and pick a crystal and that’s all.

If you need some more inspiration, I recommend using the Moon Cycle Playbook – it guides you through setting your intentions, goals, gratitude etc every day, plus there’s a bonus page that relates to the moon cycle. It’s a fun journal that helps you connect your morning ritual with the lunar energy!


Enjoy creating your own morning ritual, goddess! Let me know if you try this, or what you do for your morning ritual!

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