Welcome to March! This month is providing opportunities for you to heal your emotions, protect yourself from other’s energies, and to start new beginnings…


Before I move into this month’s forecast, I want to share some super exciting news: I started a podcast!

You can tune in wherever you listen to podcasts for regular chats about astrology, tarot, spirituality & manifesting. I’m so excited about this new beginnings!


Some key astrological events that are happening this month include:

+ Mars moves into Gemini on 3rd March

Expect your motivation levels & physical energy to ramp up as Mars moves into the fast-paced energy of Gemini. It’s time to get out there and follow your passions so you can make things happen!

+ Sun conjoins Neptune in Pisces on 11th March

From about 9th – 13th March, expect to be feeling extra dreamy & spaced out. It’s probably not going to be the best time for working on projects that require a lot of logical thought, but it IS a good time for tuning into your intuition & dreaming up a bright future. Get creative during this time, make art, make a vision board, meditate, do yoga.

+ New moon in Pisces on 13th March

This new moon gives you an opportunity to deepen your spiritual practices, intuition & creative side. Sow seeds of intention of how you would like to grow in these areas over the next 6 months until the full moon in Pisces on 20th September 2021. [Download the Pisces Moon Manifesting Journal HERE to tune into this energy on a deeper level!]

+ Sun moves into Aries on 20th March

Aries season (when the sun is in Aries) is a time when we all feel excited to pursue new ideas. During Aries season, expect to get things done FAST! With Mars in Gemini as well, we can expect quick progress when we take inspired action towards our goals.

+ Venus conjoins the Sun in Aries on 26th March

We’ll all be feeling more ambitious about bringing love, money & harmony into our lives on this day, although Venus will be sticking close to the Sun all month so this is a big theme for March. How can you improve or increase your finances, relationships or other desires?

+ Full moon in Libra on 28th/29th March

A culmination of your self-care practices & relationships. This full moon opposes Venus, the planet of love + money, conjunct with Chiron, the asteroid of healing. It’s time to release, heal & forgive relationship problems – whether that’s your relationship with your partner or with other people in your life, or perhaps your relationship with money.


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Comment below and let me know: What are you excited about for March? And what would you love to hear about on the podcast?