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What does the moon in Cancer mean? Whether you were born under the Cancer moon, or you want to know what the new moon in Cancer means (or any other moon phase) – you’ll find the information you need here.


If you were born under the moon in Cancer, this lunar Cancer energy shows up in your life through your emotions & feelings. You are a natural empath – you are often highly sensitive & intuitive. This sensitivity may cause you to draw close boundaries around yourself – you may appear cold & unsensitive to others, but only because you protect yourself from being vulnerable. Once you feel comfortable, you let down your guard and easily express your deep emotions. 

Your emotions often rule you. You may find yourself feeling moody at times, and you probably threw tantrums during childhood. If you don’t FEEL like doing something, then you probably won’t. You are guided by your feelings, instincts & emotions. 

You feel best when you’re at home or with family. Time to hibernate in your little “bubble” helps you find inner comfort & security. Having a reliable source of stable income also helps you feel emotional secure – uncertainty really disrupts your inner calm.




The moon moves through the zodiac through the lunar cycle, spending approximately 2.5 days in each sign. The moon cycle throughout the zodiac affects our emotions & feelings.

When the moon moves through Cancer, we collectively feel this Cancer energy. We feel more intuitive, sensitive & homely. We may find ourselves withdrawing and spending more time at home while the moon is in Cancer. Meditate, draw some tarot cards or contemplate your horoscope while the moon moves through Cancer. You’ll find guidance comes from within during this time.

With the moon moving through Cancer, we’ll feel like creating security in our lives. This could manifest as improving the comfort of your home, healing emotions or energy, or creating financial security. Finding comfort is the theme for the moon in Cancer.



When the new moon is in Cancer, it’s a new beginning for your emotions, home & family. Set intentions for improving or upgrading your home. Create more comfort for you & your family. Cultivate feelings of inner peace & self-love during the new moon in Cancer. This is a good time for creating positive affirmations to bring comfort. Explore healing during the new moon in Cancer – guided meditations are an easy & effective way of harnessing this healing new moon energy.

Bring the element of WATER into your new moon in Cancer rituals. Soak in the bath while listening to calming music or meditating. Brew a herbal tea, infused with your intentions for the moon cycle ahead. Visit a river, lake, beach or other body of water.



When the full moon falls in the sign of Cancer, we see a culmination of energy in our home & family life. This is a good full moon to stay home with the family & hibernate. Find comfort within during this full moon.

This full moon can be an intensely emotional, especially if we don’t feel comfort or secure in our lives. A potent time for healing our emotions, the full moon in Cancer is a good opportunity to heal yourself from the past. Do yoga, get a massage, or experience an energy healing – there is potential to clear energetic or emotional blocks during this full moon.


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