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What does the moon in Gemini mean? Whether you were born under the Gemini moon, or you want to know what the new moon in Gemini means (or any other moon phase) – you’ll find the information you need here.


If you were born under the moon in Gemini, this lunar Gemini energy shows up in your life through your emotions & feelings. Your emotions can change & fluctuate quickly – perhaps showing up as depression or anxiety at times, then swinging to happiness & extreme joy at other times.

You feel best when there’s lots of variety in your life. You enjoy multitasking, and get bored easily. You crave external stimulation – connecting with others really satisfies you on a deep level. Silence makes you feel uncomfortable.

Expressing your emotions to others helps you process your inner workings. Don’t bottle up your feelings – you’ll feel so relieved when you can share whatever is on your mind.



The moon moves through the zodiac through the lunar cycle, spending approximately 2.5 days in each sign. The moon cycle throughout the zodiac affects our emotions & feelings.

When the moon moves through Gemini, we collectively feel this Gemini energy. We feel more energized, sociable and communicative. These can be good days for working on communication projects, like writing, recording podcast episodes or giving speeches. This can also be a beneficial time for networking – meet new people or connect with people you already know. Collaborations flourish with this Gemini energy – who can help you meet your goals faster? Who can you work with for mutual benefits?



When the new moon is in Gemini, it’s a new beginning for your social life or communication projects. Want to hang with a new crowd of like-minded people? Ready to start writing a book? Do you want to give a TED Talk? The new moon in Gemini is perfect for setting those intentions.

Bring the element of AIR into your new moon in Gemini rituals. Working with the elements helps to bring your intentions from thought-form to physical-form. Burn incense or a smoke bundle as you ask the Universe to manifest your intentions. Meditate outdoors when it’s windy, allowing the wind to carry your intentions out to the Universe. Incorporate music, speech, chants or singing into your new moon rituals to capture the air element.



When the full moon falls in the sign of Gemini, we see a culmination of our social lives & communication projects. Whatever we started 6 months ago on the new moon in Gemini will come to it’s peak now. This can be a great time to publish that book you’ve been writing & celebrate your efforts. Connect with friends & family on this full. The full moon in Gemini is a great time for a party or to network with others – there are opportunities to meet helpful people or to manifest mutual collaborations & partnerships.


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