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What does the moon in Leo mean? Whether you were born under the Leo moon, or you want to know what the new moon in Leo means (or any other moon phase) – you’ll find the information you need here.


If you were born under the moon in Leo, this lunar Leo energy shows up in your life through your emotions & feelings. You are naturally confident & bold when it comes to expressing your emotions. 

You feel best when you’re expressing yourself creatively. Channelling your inner child through creative play or having fun provides emotional balance. You crave freedom to do things YOUR way – and to have fun while you’re at it. You are naturally light-hearted and don’t take life too seriously.




The moon moves through the zodiac through the lunar cycle, spending approximately 2.5 days in each sign. The moon cycle throughout the zodiac affects our emotions & feelings.

When the moon moves through Leo, we collectively feel this Leo energy. We feel more confident & courageous to take bold moves during this time. The moon in Leo fuels our creativity, and we feel like spending more time on making & creating things. Ruled by the Sun, the Leo energy is about finding what makes us feel truly happy & letting our inner light shine. Follow your heart, seek pleasure & pursue happiness while the moon is in Leo. 



New Moon in Leo Card Spread | Herbal Moon Goddess


When the new moon is in Leo, it’s a new beginning for your confidence, creativity & play. Your inner child is ignited as this new moon invites you to embrace more fun & play in your life. Don’t take life so seriously – it’s important to have balance, and making regular time for play & creativity is essential for your wellbeing. This can be a great time to start new creative projects, such as painting, dancing, playing a musical instrument, digital design, or whatever you feel called to create.

Ask your inner child for guidance during this new moon. What is your inner child craving? Follow that calling to be playful.

The new moon in Leo sparks your confidence & inner strength. This can be a great opportunity for finding courage to take a leap of faith. DO that scary thing that you’ve been wanting to do. Take that next scary step towards your goals. The Universe is supporting you right now!

Bring the element of FIRE into your new moon in Leo rituals. Write your intentions on paper or a dried leaf, then carefully burn it. Light candles & make a wish. Use a wand (symbolic for the fire element) to direct the energies of your intention.



When the full moon falls in the sign of Leo, we see a culmination of our creativity & confidence. This full moon helps us shine to our fullest potential with courage. We feel inspired, confident & bold during this full moon in Leo.

A time of heightened creativity, the full moon in Leo energy is perfect for channelling into your creative projects. Paint, draw, sculpt, write, design, bake, make…be inspired as you put your talents to the test!

The full moon in Leo has a fun, light-hearted energy which calls you to make time for fun & games. This night can have the perfect vibe for a party or going out. Have fun and enjoy yourself! Follow your heart and see where it leads you this full moon.


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