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What does the moon in Pisces mean? Whether you were born under the Pisces moon, or you want to know what the full moon in Pisces means (or any other moon phase) – you’ll find the information you need here.


If you were born under the moon in Pisces, this can show up in your life through dreaminess & spirituality. Your moon sign is just as important as your sun sign, so this Pisces energy is likely to form a huge part of your psychological makeup.

As your moon sign rules your emotions & inner landscape, natal Pisces moons can be quite perceptive & intuitive, however they can lack the ability to articulate their inner feelings with clarity. This is why Pisces moon signs can be highly creative – even abstract – preferring to express their inner realms in mysterious or symbolic methods.



The moon moves through the zodiac through the lunar cycle, spending approximately 2.5 days in each sign. The moon cycle throughout the zodiac affects our emotions & feelings.

When the moon moves through Pisces, as a collective we are ALL affected by this Pisces energy. The moon in Pisces sparks our creativity – these few days are ideal for being artistic, working on creative projects, painting, drawing, sculpting, designing, or whatever lights your creative fires.

Your psychic & intuitive powers are heightened with the moon in Pisces. Pay attention to your instincts during this time. Go with your gut feelings. Your dreams may be more vivid or memorable when the moon moves through Pisces. Listen to those subconscious messages coming through in your dreams. It will help you if you decode your dreams, and integrate these lessons into your daily life.



When the new moon is in Pisces, it’s a time for new beginnings with our intuitive abilities or creativity. Listen to inner inspiration or guidance from the Universe as you set forth towards new goals. Meditation is particularly helpful during this new moon. Knowing your motivation behind your goals and intentions, your WHY, will really help you during the new moon in Pisces.

Incorporate water into your intention setting rituals during the new moon in Pisces. Pisces is ruled by water, so make an herbal tea infused with your intentions, or soak in a ritual bath as you contemplate your goals for the moon cycle ahead.



When the full moon falls in the sign of Pisces, you’ll feel a culmination of your psychic powers & creative projects. Artistic or musical projects come to a completion. Psychic & intuitive abilities are highly developed – you may feel a natural flair for tarot reading, dream decoding, reiki, or other forms of energy reading or healing.

This can be a highly sensitive time – we’ll all feel empathic & telepathic, to a degree. Emotions are heightened, and your instincts may be STRONG.

The full moon in Pisces can be good timing for manifesting dreams. The Pisces dreaminess allows you to dream big, and the full moon energy helps to pull these dreams from the Higher Realms into the physical realm.


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