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What does the moon in Virgo mean? Whether you were born under the Virgo moon, or you want to know what the new moon in Virgo means (or any other moon phase) – you’ll find the information you need here.


If you were born under the moon in Virgo, this lunar Virgo energy shows up in your life through your emotions & feelings.

If your natal moon is in Virgo, you may feel overly self-critical, or find yourself analyzing other’s emotions. Your emotional landscape demands perfectionism. You may have the self-discipline to practice skills until you master them – however, you may be prone to giving up early if you don’t feel have natural talent.

Your life must be in order, otherwise you can feel very chaotic & out of control. You might be known as a neat-freak, you strive to keep your life in strict order. Running late freaks you out – you love to arrive on-time. You schedule & organize your entire life to a high degree.

You feel best when you make healthy decisions. You know that nourishing your body has an effect on your mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.




The moon moves through the zodiac through the lunar cycle, spending approximately 2.5 days in each sign. The moon cycle throughout the zodiac affects our emotions & feelings.

When the moon moves through Virgo, we collectively feel this Virgo energy. We feel more organized, productive & connected to the Earth.

The moon in Virgo can be a helpful time for planning ahead, creating a routine or habit, focusing on health & fitness goals, and finding more efficient ways of completing tasks.

Spend this time working on written projects, looking after your finances, detoxing, exercising, and scheduling ahead. It’s a good time to plan ahead to ensure you meet your goals – you might feel like planning out your meals for the week ahead and meal prepping, or planning your budget in alignment with your financial goals.

As an earth sign, with the moon in Virgo we’ll feel called to focus on the practical aspects of our lives. Our physical health & the physical work we do may be on your mind. How could you improve your health? How can you organize your day more efficiently? How can you be of greater service, to yourself & to the rest of the world?

Incorporate the element of earth into your Virgo moon rituals by spending time in nature, working in your garden, and by grounding yourself. Regular meditation & choosing healthy, nourishing meals will help you feel good during this time.



New Moon in Virgo | Herbal Moon Goddess


When the new moon is in Virgo, we start planning & editing our lives as we venture forth with new ideas & projects.

Ruled by Mercury, the new moon in Virgo is the perfect time to start communication projects, such as writing a book, starting a podcast, or showing up on social media. You are able to organize your thoughts in a way that leads to effective self-expression. You can get your point across with clarity.

The new moon in Virgo is also the perfect time to bring your focus to your health. Start new health goals – you might like to begin a new exercise routine, or start new eating habits. We’ll often feel inspired to start eating more salads, making fresh juices & smoothies & moving our bodies more with the new moon in Virgo.

Bring the element of EARTH into your new moon in Virgo rituals. Plant seeds. Bury your intentions under the earth. Meditate outdoors. Spend more time in nature so you can find inspiration with this new moon energy.



When the full moon falls in the sign of Virgo, we see a culmination of our productivity, health & daily work. This is a great time of the year to celebrate our successes & reap the rewards of our consistent efforts towards creating the life we want!

The full moon in Virgo can be associated with harvest. This is when we harvest our goals – our dreams finally manifest into reality. Whatever you started on the new moon in Virgo has now come to it’s peak.

Make a delicious feast to celebrate this full moon! Pack your plates with nourishing food. You could even head outdoors to feast under the rising full moon.


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