New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

Are you ready to tap into the new moon energy this Thursday 23rd April?

Setting your intentions at the new moon is a POWERFUL way to begin manifesting your dreams + goals!


Your intentions are about how you want to FEEL. Think about what you really want to manifest in your life – a new car, a new job, to be debt-free, to find your soulmate… then think about how you will feel once you have manifested that. And THAT’S what your intention is – to feel like that.


In the video below, I walk you through an intention setting ritual using the power of plants to grow your intentions into manifestation…

Need some inspiration for plants that align with your intentions? Here’s some suggestions (but feel free to go with your intuition when choosing some seeds!).

If your intention is to do with gaining confidence try planting mullein, borage, peas or yarrow.

If your intention is to do with love try planting rose, violets, lavender, catnip or lovage.

If your intention is to do with being successful try planting lemon balm, chamomile, ginger or aloe vera.

If your intention is to do with feeling abundant & prosperous try planting citrus fruits, mint, basil or jasmine.

If your intention is to do with happiness & positivity try planting rosemary, peas, catnip, morning glory or St John’s wort.

If your intention is to do with health try planting coriander, geranium, thyme or mullein.


Happy intention setting, goddess! Let me know if you try this…