Have you ever wondered how the energy of your home is affecting you? Today I’m talking to Stacy Scott, an intuitive Feng Shui practitioner, about how decluttering can clear up energy + physical space to help you unlock your manifesting potential.

In today’s podcast, we cover:

  • what exactly is feng shui
  • how to soulfully declutter to align the energy of your home
  • a bit about energy mapping your home (download your free guide to energy mapping at sanctuaryfengshui.com)
  • plus, Stacy gives me a mini feng shui reading so you can see how insightful a personal feng shui reading can be to help you understand what you need more (or less) of in your home

Stacy is running a FREE feng shui decluttering challenge starting March 22 2021. Over 5 days, Stacy will guide you through soulfully decluttering parts of your home to unlock those energy pockets. Click here to sign up!

You can connect with Stacy at sanctuaryfengshui.com or on Instagram @sanctuaryfengshui