You’ve probably heard a lot about self-love & self-care recently. Luxurious bath rituals, indulging in massages & spa treatments, daily meditation & yoga. Taking time out to refresh & renew yourself.

While it all sounds lovely & relaxing, how does it actually help you? What are the benefits of self-love practices? And can self-love actually help you manifest your dreams & goals?

Raise Your Vibe

For me, the biggest benefit of self-love practices is that it RAISES MY VIBRATIONS. My consciousness evolves to a higher level. As I allow myself to receive love & compassion, this shifts my energy to a higher state.

Relaxing in the bath away from distractions like social media, my kids or housework is one of my favourite tools to help me reset & recharge. I make my self-love bath rituals extra special with candles, bath salts, crystals, essential oils, fresh flowers. I make myself feel like a QUEEN – because we ALL deserve to feel that way!

You are absolutely worthy of taking that time out for yourself to INVEST in self-love, in whatever form that might be.

Try it out, and feel your vibrations raise to a more positive level.


Positivity = Manifesting Power

One of the biggest secrets I have discovered about manifesting goals is the power of positivity. When you let negativity, fears & insecurities take over, you may notice a decline in sales or “likes” on your social media posts.

Imagine writing or talking about your favourite food when you’re having a good day. You’ll probably find so many positives to share – the taste, the texture, fond memories of that food etc. Through sharing that mouth-watering information about your favourite food & your positive approach, you may influence others to try it too!

Now imagine sharing about that same favourite food, except when you’re having a bad day. You’ll likely end up focusing on the negatives, like “It takes too much effort to cook” or “I can’t eat it anymore, it will make me fat”.

Do you see the power of positivity?

When you are positive, happy & confident, you attract people to you & what you have to share. When you are positive, this energy has a ripple effect – you attract more of the things you love & you manifest your desires.

And the opposite is true too – when you’re feeling negative, and stuck in that negative energy, you’ll find more and more “bad stuff” keeps happening to you.


Action Step

If you’re serious about manifesting your biggest dreams & goals, make self-love practices a regular feature of your life. Commit to AT LEAST ONE small daily self-love action:

  • pull an oracle card from an inspiring deck each morning
  • create an affirmation to repeat throughout the day
  • start your day with 10 minutes of meditation
  • go to that yoga class you keep putting off
  • wear your favourite lipstick or eyeshadow

What are your favourite self-love practices & rituals? What have you manifested into your life with self-love? Comment below!

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