Ready to make some changes in your life? Change your inner landscape & watch these changes reflect in your outer world.

When we continue to fill our minds with positive thoughts of what we want to manifest, we slowly but surely see these positive changes manifest in our reality.

And of course the opposite is also true – if you keep thinking negative thoughts, that negativity will also manifest into your reality.

Your mind is a powerful tool – use it wisely.

I’ve been able to manifest some powerful changes in my life through the use of affirmations. Positive affirmations are an essential part of my current morning routine – I’ve been repeating the same affirmations daily for the past few weeks, and the difference they make to my mindset throughout the day is so positive + powerful!

When we keep telling ourselves something, it becomes our truth.

If you keep telling yourself that you are beautiful, abundant, confident…then you will believe it. When you believe it, you send out those vibrations, and others will believe it too. It will manifest into your reality and before you know it, you ARE beautiful, abundant, confident, or whatever it is that you want to manifest!

So – how can you create an EFFECTIVE positive affirmation?

Step 1: what do you want to manifest into your life? Is it something specific by a certain date? Is it a feeling?

Get clear on what you want to manifest through your affirmations. I’ve personally found this most effective by focusing on the feeling, rather than focusing on a material object, money, certain outcome etc. So if you want to manifest money, think about how that will make you feel – abundant? Financially free or secure? Really tune into how your intended outcome will make you feel inside.


Step 2: word your affirmation like it’s already happened.

Write out your affirmation in present tense. It can help to start off your affirmation with “I am” or “I have”. You may also like to begin with “I love” for extra positive vibes!

I am abundant.

I am beautiful.

I have a loving relationship with my family.

I love my daily meditation practice.

Step 3: repeat it.

It’s up to you how often you want to repeat your affirmation. You can write or speak your affirmations out loud. You may like to may it a part of your daily routine – you could repeat your affirmations while you shower or brush your hair, or write your affirmations in your journal each day. You can set a reminder in your phone so your affirmation pops up on your phone each day (or multiple times per day).

When repeating your affirmation, you may like to repeat a few times. Spend a few minutes devoting yourself to repeating your affirmations. As you repeat your affirmations, really FEEL into them. Feel that abundance, that love, or whatever feeling your affirmation brings to you.

Try it for a week and see how you feel. After a week, you might like to change your affirmation, or maybe you’d like to keep repeating the same affirmation.

It’s truly amazing what we can achieve when we tap into the power of the mind.


Just make yourself BELIEVE and anything is possible!

Do you use positive affirmations?

What are some of your favourite affirmations?

I’d love to know – comment below!