Weekly Herbal Moon Insights for week starting 15th September 2019.

We don’t always reach our goals using the straightest path – trust the Universe will provide, stay positive & show gratitude.



Herbal Tarot card: Three of Cups / Trillium (reversed)

The Three of Cups (reversed) suggests that there is a lot to be satisfied with in your life, that you have a life worth celebrating, but perhaps you can’t see the positives right now. Let this card remind you that there is lots of beauty in your life and the Universe has provided you with an abundant life. Celebrate + be grateful!


Spirit Animal Oracle card: Coyote Spirit – Trust in divine detours

The Coyote Spirit reminds us that the path to our goals + visions isn’t always a straight path, but ultimately the Universe is looking out for you (sometimes we just need to move through some lessons/obstacles along the way!). Trust that everything happens for a reason.



Sunday 15th September:

After the full moon this weekend, the waning gibbous in Aries is the perfect time to release negativity.

Work with the elements to let go of anything you no longer need – write down what you wish to release onto paper or a bay leaf then burn it (fire), bury the ashes in the earth (earth), smoke cleanse yourself + your home (air) then relax into a cleansing epsom salt bath (water).

Tuesday 17th September:

The waning moon is in Taurus, making a beautiful time for decluttering + detoxing your life. As an Earth sign, the waning moon in Taurus is great for letting go of material things. What are you ready to let go of physically?


Friday 20th September:

The moon continues to wane through Gemini today. The waning moon in Gemini is ideal for focusing on communication. Make your communication clear especially if you are working on releasing or letting go of something in your life. Miscommunications may hold you back from being able to release this fully.


Saturday 21st September: 

It’s the Spring/Autumnal Equinox today (depending which hemisphere you are in!) – Ostara/Mabon blessings to you! Get in touch with the seasonal changes occurring in your local area and collect some flowers/pinecones/other natural seasonal beauties to display on your altar.





Being satisfied + showing gratitude





The information contained in this article is general advice only and doesn’t replace medical advice. Consult a health practitioner before taking any herbs to ensure no contraindications.

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