Weekly Herbal Moon Insights for week starting 1st September 2019.

Have faith + trust the Universe, even if you don’t feel like you’re manifesting your intentions…



Herbal Tarot card: VI The Lovers – Parsley

 The Lovers card is about relationships, attraction, and healing your inner feminine & masculine. We each have feminine & masculine within us, and when they are healed there is unity within our lives. How can you heal the feminine or masculine within you this week?


Enchanted Blossom Empowerment Oracle card: Faith / Passionflower / Gulf Fritillary

Have faith in yourself + your dreams and stay true to yourself! Even if all others let you down, have faith. The Universe is looking out for you!


Cat Tarot card: Five of Pentacles

 The Five of Pentacles reminds us of stripping back to simplicity. This card may indicate a time of misfortune, loss of possessions + hardship, but it serves as a reminder of finding contentedness with the simple things in life.


Sunday 1st September:

The waxing crescent is in Libra today, providing an ideal time to get moving + be active. Go to a yoga class, the gym, or for a walk/jog.

Wednesday 4th September:

With the waxing moon in Scorpio, you’ll find it easier to stick to new habits! What were your intentions for the new moon? Start a healthy habit that will help you manifest those intentions.


Friday 6th September:

The first quarter moon in Sagittarius is an ideal time for travelling (or planning travel!). Need to go on a quick weekend break? Today is a good day to get away.

Saturday 7th September: 

The waxing moon is in Capricorn this weekend – the Capricorn energy will make you want to get organised! Plan your week ahead, make a meal plan, create a budget, or whatever else you need to get organised.



 Having faith through hard times

 Healthy habits

Getting organised





The information contained in this article is general advice only and doesn’t replace medical advice. Consult a health practitioner before taking any herbs to ensure no contraindications.

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