Weekly Herbal Moon Insights for week starting 20th October 2019.

There’s a strong need for grounding yourself this week – be aware of getting pulled into other’s emotions!



Herbal Tarot card: Queen of Cups / Lady’s Mantle

Be aware of the emotional needs of others – show compassion & be nurturing. At the same time, remember to ground your own emotions & protect yourself emotionally. You can be compassionate & empathetic without getting too involved in others emotions!


Moonology Oracle card: New Moon in Gemini / Communication is key.

 It’s time to talk! Communicate – let others know how you feel – don’t get too wrapped up in your own head. Who do you need to communicate with this week? If you can’t actually communicate with this person, you can write to them in your journal – just get it out of your head.



Sunday 20th October:

The waning moon in Cancer may stir up emotions, especially within your household or family, but this is an ideal opportunity to resolve these issues. Communicate with each other & work it out!

Tuesday 22nd October:

Let the fiery Leo waning moon energy burn away any bad habits you’ve been holding onto. What habits stop you from loving yourself fully? What do you habitually do, yet you know it’s not good for you? It’s time to let that go & begin to nurture yourself…


Thursday 24th October:

The waning moon in Virgo is perfect for grounding yourself. There’s a strong call for GROUNDING this week – connect with the element of Earth today & tomorrow. Go outdoors and connect with nature, go for a bush walk, carry crystals with you, get busy in the garden, harvest flowers/herbs/vegetables or whatever is ready in the garden. Take the time to connect with Earth because trust me – you will feel so much better for it!


Saturday 26th October: 

The waning crescent in Libra is approaching total darkness. Find balance in this darkness – balance the light with the dark. If you’re feeling darkness surrounding you, take time to ground yourself & focus on what’s real. Are you taking on the energies of other people? Protect yourself – don’t let others’ darkness dim your light!




Emotional protection





The information contained in this article is general advice only and doesn’t replace medical advice. Consult a health practitioner before taking any herbs to ensure no contraindications.

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