Weekly Herbal Moon Insights for week starting 24th November 2019.

Trust the Universe – things may not always happen the way you want them to, but trust that this happens for a greater reason.



Herbal Tarot card: Six of Wands / Hawthorn (reversed)

Your heart is set and you know what you want to do, but there may be some obstacles or delays this week. Trust that the Universe is looking out for you and that these obstacles are here for a reason – it may be time to reprioritise. If you have been setting the same intentions every new moon yet you’re still waiting for the Universe to provide, it might be time to set fresh intentions.


Spirit Animal Oracle card: Bee Spirit / Sweet results await.

The Bee Spirit assures you that good things are coming your way! Align yourself with the Universe, open your heart & soul to the connection you have with the Universe, and watch the magick happen…



Sunday 24th November:

The waning moon in Scorpio is a good time for self-reflection. Today can be a good time for separating yourself from the energies of others and focus on what YOU truly want, who YOU truly are. What does your heart tell you?

Tuesday 26th November:

The new moon in Sagittarius is exact at 3:05pm UTC today (that’s 7:05am PST / 10:05am EST / 2:05am Wednesday AEDST). Get in touch with the energies of Sagittarius – have you been thinking about travel, freedom, philosophy or spirituality lately? Set your intentions, journal, make travel plans, and enjoy this inspiring new moon energy…

[Want more inspiration for your new moon ritual? Download the New Moon in Sagittarius Playbook here!]


Thursday 28th November:

The waxing moon in Sagittarius calls you to follow your inner fires. What are you passionate about? Listen to your heart (yes, this seems to be a recurring theme this week – PLEASE listen to your heart!). You may like to journal about it and get clear on your path.


Saturday 30th November: 

The waxing moon in Capricorn will help to control your inner fires, reminding you what is possible or not in the present moment. The Capricorn energy calls you to focus on your priorities and have self-discipline. This may mean you can’t follow your inner fires, inner passions, immediately – but trust the process, as you will soon have time to follow your heart.



Listening to your heart & inner passions

Freedom from within

Trust the Universe



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