Weekly Herbal Moon Insights for week starting 25th August 2019.


Release & let go of everything holding you back this week so you can start anew on the new moon on Friday!


Herbal Tarot card: Seven of Pentacles – Rhubarb (reversed)

Reflect on the past to create a better future. Don’t let your past failures or fears stop you from moving forward. Learn from the past + move on.


Moonology Oracle card: Third Quarter Moon – Adjustments are required

Release & trust! Release the past + trust what the Universe has planned for your future. Now is the time to release negativity or any other built-up emotions. Let it all go…


Sunday 25th August:

The waning moon is in Gemini today, and it’s the perfect time to let go of your thoughts + get creative! Paint, sing, dance, draw, do something that will get you out of your head + into your heart. Let that creativity flow + have fun!

Monday 26th August:

With the waning moon moving through Cancer, now is a good time for healing family or home issues. Is it time to call a family meeting? Does your home need to be decluttered or cleansed? Today & tomorrow are ideal times for this.

Wednesday 28th August:

The waning moon moves into Leo, making it easier for you to release any obstacles or blockages that are stopping you from moving towards your full potential. What do you need to let go of? You can do a simple releasing ritual to help with the process – write down what you want to release onto a small piece of paper, place it into a cauldron or heatproof dish and set it on fire, releasing it to the Universe. You may also like to throw in some dried herbs to help with the process, such as rosemary & sage for cleansing & purification, sandalwood & mugwort for healing, frankincense & eucalyptus for protection…use the herbs that you have available to you and put your intention into it as you add each herb to the cauldron.


Friday 30th August:

Happy new moon in Virgo, goddesses! Today is THE day for setting your intentions for the month ahead, setting health goals and starting new projects (especially relating to health or service).

Need some help with your new moon ritual? I’ve got your covered! Download the New Moon in Virgo Playbook for journal questions, tarot spreads, ritual ideas, chakra balancing, and more!

Saturday 31st August: 

With this beautiful Virgo energy in the new moon still, TAKE ACTION. Actually make a start on your new goals – start your new exercise program, meal prep for the week ahead, actually get in and START what you planned towards in your new moon ritual. 




RELEASE & LET GO – declutter, cleanse, releasing ritual…this is the big theme for the week!

Reflect & learn from the past

Start afresh + work on your health goals





The information contained in this article is general advice only and doesn’t replace medical advice. Consult a health practitioner before taking any herbs to ensure no contraindications.

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