Weekly Herbal Moon Insights for week starting 29th December 2019.

Be patient + truthful with yourself…good things will come to you!



Herbal Tarot card: XI Justice / Plantain (reversed)

 Find the balance you have been searching for! What needs adjusting in your life? What has fallen out of balance? Follow your truth…


Spirit Animal Oracle card: Turtle Spirit – Slow and steady wins the race.

Have patience and know that all good things come to those who wait. The Turtle Spirit is here to remind you that patience + endurance are good traits to have to achieve your long term goals. Don’t give up on your dreams!




Sunday 29th December:

Dream big! 2020 is almost here, and the waxing moon in Aquarius energy has got you feeling ready to take on the world.

Plan out the year ahead with the Year Ahead Ritual – download your copy now!

Tuesday 31st December:

The waxing moon in Pisces helps you get in touch with your intuition. Today and tomorrow are great days for pulling some tarot or oracle cards to assist you with your plans for the year ahead. Pull a card for each month and record it in your 2020 diary!




Thursday 2nd January:

The waxing moon energy in Aries urges you to TAKE ACTION. There’s no time like the present, so get started on your 2020 goals already!


Saturday 4th January:

The waxing moon energy is perfect for envisioning how you want your future to look like. Visualise it, write it out, journal it, really feel into what you want 2020 to look like for you.




Long-term goals



The information contained in this article is general advice only and doesn’t replace medical advice. Consult a health practitioner before taking any herbs to ensure no contraindications.

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