Weekly Herbal Moon Insights for week starting 2nd June 2019.


We’re starting our week with the new moon in Gemini – set your intentions for the month ahead, with a focus on adaptability, communication + learning.


Monday 3rd June:

The moon becomes new again today. The new moon in Gemini asks us to look at how effectively we are communicating, how adaptable we are, and how can we focus our learnings. I’ve made a New Moon in Gemini playbook just for you! Journal questions for this moon, tarot spread, ritual + more to help you get in tune with this new moon. Get your printable New Moon in Gemini playbook here!


Tuesday 4th June:

Herbal Tarot card: Ace of Pentacles – Whole Grains (reversed)

Are your desires nourishing, or are they empty and unsustaining? This could be linked to your new moon intentions – are your intentions wholesome and nurturing for yourself on a deep level? It’s not too late to reassess your intentions + make changes if need be.


Wednesday 5th June:

Herbal Tarot card: Six of Swords – Vervain

New opportunities are on the horizon, new beginnings are coming your way. Ride in the boat of faith + relax + trust that the Universe is bringing you towards good fortune.


Thursday 6th June:

Herbal Tarot card: Ace of Cups – Lotus

Follow your heart when you need to make decisions today. There is a lot of wisdom + peace in your heart – listen closely. 


Friday 7th June:

The moon is growing in our skies, and as it grows we can trust that our intentions are growing into manifestation too. It’s an ideal time for planning + taking action in align with our intentions.


Saturday 8th June:

Herbal Tarot card: XVII The Star – Skullcap (reversed)

Take the time to dream + lose focus, especially if life is getting too overwhelming at the moment. It’s important to regularly take time out to rest your mind.



Setting your intentions for new beginnings + opportunities

Relax + trust the Universe & your inner wisdom



The information contained in this article is general advice only and doesn’t replace medical advice. Consult a health practitioner before taking any herbs to ensure no contraindications.

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