Weekly Herbal Moon Insights for week starting 8th September 2019.

Your truth will lead you down the right path as we approach the emotional + intuitive full moon in Pisces energy…



Herbal Tarot card: Eight of Pentacles – Ginger

 This card encourages us to be prepared + organised + balanced, especially with regard to material resources, skills + money. Put some of your paycheck into your savings account, take advantage of specials at the store, and be prepared for what obstacles the future may hold for us.


Enchanted Blossom Empowerment Oracle card: Truth / Bittersweet Nightshade / Mourning Cloak

 Find your truth and be faithful to yourself. Your truths will guide you through decisions + obstacles. Stick to your truths, stay true to yourself, and you will know that you are taking the right path.



Sunday 8th September:

The waxing moon in Capricorn helps you get organised for the week ahead! Get out your diary, schedule in any appointments or events, then schedule in further details like your exercise plans for each day, meal plans, etc. Self care is just as important as your other plans, so don’t forget to schedule it in too!

Wednesday 11th September:

The moon is growing fuller, and the waxing gibbous in Aquarius calls for you to dream big. What are your goals for the rest of the year? We’re 3/4 of the way through the year so it’s a great time to check your intentions & goals you set at the beginning of the year. Are you still in alignment or have things shifted? What do you need to do to reach your goals by the end of the year? If you didn’t set any goals at the start of the year, set a goal today for what you want to achieve by the end of the year!


Friday 13th September:

The moon is nearly full and is in Pisces today. The Pisces energy coupled with the full moon energy can bring a heightened sense of intuitiveness & dreaminess, but don’t get confused between your dreams + reality. If the Pisces energy is causing you to feel too dreamy, take time out to ground yourself – go for a nature walk, meditate, eat something nourishing + wholesome…


Saturday 14th September: 

Happy full moon vibes, goddesses! The full moon is in Pisces at 4:23am UTC – celebrate the beautiful full moon with a bath ritual or head down to the beach/river/lake and connect with the water as part of your ritual. Release anything that no longer serves you – with the watery Pisces energy, it can be a good opportunity for emotional healing + release.

Want to dive deeper into the Pisces energy this full moon? Download the Full Moon in Pisces Playbook for rituals + journaling + tarot spreads + more!



Get organised + prepared

Emotional healing

Living your truth





The information contained in this article is general advice only and doesn’t replace medical advice. Consult a health practitioner before taking any herbs to ensure no contraindications.

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