Happy full moon! I hope last night’s full moon helped you to shift some energy so you can realign with your true desires.

Here’s what this week holds for you:




Sunday 1st November 2020

Mercury Rx square Saturn, Venus opposition Chiron Rx

This could be a challenging day as strict long-term plans clash with your thoughts + desires of having a peaceful Sunday. Old wounds may come to the surface, especially around how you portray yourself, what you think others think about you, and taking initiative to heal yourself.

It may be helpful today to assess what you TRULY want in your life. There’s a sense of focusing on just that ONE THING that you truly want, rather than focusing on ALL the things!


Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Mercury goes direct

YESSSS it’s that day you’ve been waiting for! Say goodbye to technological problems, travel delays, and brain fog.

As Mercury turns direct in Libra, our thoughts naturally gravitate towards finding peace, harmony & balance in our lives.


Wednesday 4th November 2020

Venus quincunx Uranus Rx

The soul-searching you did earlier in the week to discover your true desires & core values will come up again today, as you make adjustments due to sudden changes or innovation.


Friday 6th November 2020

Mercury squares Saturn again

As Mercury moves direct, it squares with Saturn AGAIN, bringing that conflict between your thoughts & working towards challenging goals. Watch what you are thinking & saying – is this in alignment with your goals? It may be time to take a break, step back from your big projects and refresh your mind.


Saturday 7th November 2020

Sun quincunx Mars Rx

Your focus turns towards your lack of energy & motivation, and you KNOW something has to change! What can you do this weekend to inspire & energize yourself?


*Please note: these dates are based on UTC – for Aussies/NZ, you may need to move each astrological event forward a day.

Do these weekly insights resonate with you? I’d love to know! Comment below.