New moon vibes! Time to make new intentions to let go of what doesn’t serve, let go of your fears & insecurities, so you can step forward with confidence & clarity. Venus makes a few challenging angles this week, indicating troubles with your love life or finances.

Here’s what this week holds for you:



Sunday 15th November 2020

New moon in Scorpio, exact 9:07pm PST (on Saturday) / 12:07am EST / 5:07am UTC / 4:07pm AEDST

Set your intentions to help you shift your energy, make changes in your life & evolve to a higher level. What’s holding you back? Assess your life and realign with your dream vision.

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Monday 16th November 2020

Venus in Libra squares Pluto, Jupiter & Pallas Athena in Capricorn

If you’re looking for balance, support or self-care, today may bring up challenges with the more practical aspects of your plans. If you’re feeling down, unlucky or unloved, today may be a good day to reach out for help from a mentor, authority figure or someone who inspires you. Try to find the bigger picture & spiritual understanding to these obstacles you’re experiencing.


Tuesday 17th November 2020

Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus

Today may be a hectic ride, as deep thoughts clash with the unexpected. Keep your mind busy, avoid arguments, and don’t fret if things don’t go to plan.



Thursday 19th November 2020

Venus in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn

There are more troubles today with your love life, manifesting money or meeting your goals, as Venus comes to a conflicting angle with Saturn, the planet of challenges. Stay disciplined to work through any challenges or obstacles that pop up today, knowing that the results will be worth all that hard work!


Saturday 21st November 2020

Moon void of course for 27 hours

Starting from 4:48pm PST / 7:48pm EST (Friday 20th) / 12:48am UTC / 11:48am AEDST (Saturday 21st) the moon will be void of course for 27 hours. The moon is void of course from the time it last makes a major aspect until it transits into the next sign. This occurs every few days, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to over a day – and for today, it lasts a whole 27 hours! During this time, it’s best to avoid making important decisions. Instead, focus on household tasks & routines, meditation, and plenty of sleep.



*Please note: these dates are based on UTC – for Aussies/NZ, you may need to move each astrological event forward a day, and those in the US may need to move each event backward a day.

How are you going to spend that 27 hour void moon of course? I’d love to know! Comment below.