Dream BIG this week! There’s a lot of positive change in the air, with a lot of optimism towards bringing those big dreams into your reality. Read on to discover how to work in alignment with the cosmos this week…

Here’s what this week holds for you:



24th January 2021

Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces; Sun conjoins Saturn in Aquarius

Daydreaming about your deep desires can help you find clarity on what you truly want. Be open to Divine inspiration! If you can dream it, you can bring it into reality, so dream big today! Find the self-discipline to bring your ideas to life. Today may be one of the most challenging days of the year, but RISE to the challenge because the rewards of persevering are worth the hard work.

26th January 2021

Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus

Dare to be different! You may feel challenged to show your unique qualities, but don’t hide who you truly are. Be weird & wacky – because you’ll naturally attract people who resonate with that side of you. How can you express your uniqueness? How can you breakthrough restrictions or rebel against what others think of you?

27th January 2021

North Node in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces

There is a huge potential for growth during this month & next, with the energy peaking today, as we challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zones to bring our dream visions to life. What are you being called to share with others? How can you collaborate to get your dreams into reality? Sharing your thoughts & ideas with those around you will challenge you to bring your spirituality & creative inspiration into your everyday life.

29th January 2021

Full moon in Leo; Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn; Sun conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius

The full moon is exact at 6:16am AEDST (that’s 28th January 11:16am PST / 2:16pm EST / 7:16pm UTC). This full moon in Leo has the potential for powerful, positive changes in your life. Manifest abundance, luck + happiness into your life by transforming your goals, realigning with what REALLY matters to you. As the sun aligns with Jupiter, this is said to be one of the LUCKIEST DAYS OF THE YEAR. Keep an eye open for abundance, opportunities & luck today.

The full moon in Leo is also a time when you may be feeling proud of your accomplishments + ready to share your work with the world. Have you been working on something behind-the-scenes over the past few months? Now might be the perfect time to launch your creation out into the wider world!

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30th January 2021

Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius

Have you been experiencing problems with your phone, computer, car, internet, emails etc. recently? Mercury has been slowing down in our sky, causing havoc on technology, travel & communication. Annnnnd it’s probably just going to get worse over the next 3 weeks, as Mercury turns retrograde and appears to travel BACKWARDS through our sky. Now is the time to back up your devices & double-check your texts + emails before sending. Leave early because you’ll probably encounter traffic delays.

But Mercury retrograde isn’t ALL bad! It’s actually a really beneficial time for us, because it’s like the Universe is saying “slooooow down”. A tip I learnt years ago is that Mercury retrograde is good for reflection, relaxation, reviewing…it’s time to revisit old projects & reconnect with old friends. Pretty much anything starting with the prefix “re-” is a good thing to do during Mercury retrograde!


What are your full moon plans?

What dreams are you ready to bring into reality?

What are you looking forward to reviewing during Mercury retrograde?

I’d love to know! Comment below 🙂