As Mercury retrograde begins, we are being told to sloooow down & reflect. Now is the time to review, realign & relax.

Here’s what this week holds for you:



1st February 2021

Sun in Aquarius squares Mars in Taurus; Waning moon moves into Libra

If you’re feeling unmotivated or your energy levels are low, honour that today. Don’t feel frustrated at yourself – trust that everything will unfold in Divine timing, and today you can just take it sloooowly. The moon’s energy is waning, so it’s important to acknowledge your natural energy fluctuations & allow yourself time to rest. Today you are allowed to take time out for your own self-care. SAY NO if it feels unaligned to you.

5th February 2021

Last quarter moon in Scorpio

A time to release your fears & insecurities. What are you deeply afraid of? The last quarter moon in Scorpio calls you to release on all levels. What is no longer energetically aligned with you? What emotions are holding you back?

6th February 2021

Venus in Aquarius conjoins Saturn & sextiles Chiron in Aries; Sun in Aquarius trines North Node in Gemini

As you challenge yourself to be more self-disciplined to achieve your goals, you trigger inner healing. Step out of your comfort zone and make the magic happen! Stay committed to what you are manifesting – continue to take aligned & consistent action, even if it brings up blocks. Now is a great time for you to work on your manifesting or money mindset blocks. Find power through your triggers.

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What are you releasing this waning moon?

What are your self-care plans for this week (I’m having a coffee date – with myself <3 )?

I’d love to know! Comment below 🙂